Arsenal’s Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II Part of Memorials from Wider Sporting Community

Arsenal’s Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II Part of Memorials from Wider Sporting Community

Arsenal’s Tributes to Queen Elizabeth II Part of Memorials from Wider Sporting Community

As we emerge from the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II, it’s important to recognise the impressive tributes made on the death of Her Majesty, by Arsenal and other individuals, organisations, and teams in the sporting world.

These tributes have come from across the country, and the world as the big names in sport join together in respect for the late Queen during this historic period of time.

Arsenal’s tributes on the death of Her Majesty

At Arsenal, there have been numerous tributes to the Queen on her passing. The women’s team held a minute’s silence before their game against Brighton. The teams also sang “God Save the King” in recognition of King Charles III’s ascension to the throne.

The academy sides repeated these actions before their games, and a wreath was placed at the club’s training ground.

The men’s team also paid their respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II when they met Brentford at the Brentford Community Stadium. Mikel Arteta wore a black suit and tie for the game, and club staff who attended wore black ties instead of their usual red ones.

Respect for the Queen throughout the sporting community

Arsenal is not the only team in football to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The England team will have a minute’s silence before its Nations League game against Germany on 26 September. The players are also likely to wear black armbands, and there will possibly be other memorial features to the game that are yet to be confirmed. This is the first opportunity the national team has had to pay its respects, and it will be a special occasion.

Individual England players, including Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, have also tweeted their condolences. Ex-England greats Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand joined them by sharing their own messages on social media. Tributes have also come from outside football from stars including golfer Tommy Fleetwood and organisations such as the British Horseracing Association.

Top gambling sites have also shown their respect. We spoke to a journalist from JustGamblers who told us,

“Sportsbooks in the UK have been honouring the Queen, along with the population of the UK. Some of the top bookmakers closed their stops when the death of the Queen was announced, and many of these stores remained closed for the following day or two. In addition to some shop closures, each sportsbook has taken action to show its respect to Her Majesty.”

This respect has been shown in various ways, including tributes across social media. Many top online sportsbooks have also included messages on their websites in recognition of the reign and death of Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s clear that the sporting world has joined with the rest of the country in recognising the service of Queen Elizabeth II to the UK and the loss that is being felt on her death. As we begin the reign of Charles III, sports stars, teams, and organisations will continue to recognise the importance of the monarchy and show their respect.


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