Arsenal star Bukayo Saka funds health care for 120 children in need

Arsenal forward Saka pairs up with charity BigShoe to fund medical help for Nigerian children

Arsenal star Bukayo Saka funds health care for 120 children in need

Fan favourite Bukayo Saka. CREDIT: Charlotte Wilson / Offside

Arsenal midfielder Bukayo Saka has been in the news for the right reasons once more as the 21 year old funds health care for 120 children in Nigeria. 

Saka, who is currently in Qatar for the upcoming World Cup, joined up with charity BigShoe to help get medical assistance and life saving treatments to children in need in Nigeria. 

When asked about his decision to collaborate with the charity, the Englishman explained; "for me it is important that every child has the same opportunity to achieve their dreams."

It's not the first time an Arsenal star has been involved in the charity, with former Gunner Mesut Ozil also partaking in the funding of the charity. 

It's been revealed that the Englishman with Nigerian heritage has helped around 120 children recieve life changing surgery in the Nigerian city of Kano. 

Speaking about the success of his funding, Saka said to the media:

“If I can do anything to help then I really want to do this. It makes me happy when I can see the kids happy and their parents happy." 

Saka's own family moved to London from Nigeria before the forward was born in Ealing and Arsenal's number 7 explained his connection to his heritage. "I still feel very connected to Nigeria. It is very important to use my abilities to have a positive impact where I can."

Everyone at the club can be proud of the talent of Bukayo, and the role model he has become to young people around the world, at just 21 years of age, the sky is the limit for the local hero. 

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