Can't Score, Won't Score: Arsenal lose mojo - Why midseason break has come at the perfect time

Hopefully Arsenal will find their mojo during their midseason break in Dubai says Gooner print writer Matt Cassidy

Can't Score, Won't Score: Arsenal lose mojo - Why midseason break has come at the perfect time

Couldn't hit a barn door? Lost our bottle? Couldn't score in a month of Sundays?

Whatever was going on against Liverpool in front of goal, on Sunday, and in our past three games to be honest, it's just not been happening in front of goal for the Gunners of late.

Removing the Bakayo Saka tap in against Fulham (which he nearly fluffed), it's been, well, rather bad. But why?

Read the comments section on social media or listen to the nattering in the pre match pubs and you'll find a lot of people pinning the tail of responsibility on Gabriel Jesus as the chance missing donkey.

But if you analyse his performances have there been any glaring misses? Poor decisions? Missed opportunities?

Generally speaking, I'm inclined to say no. Yes he should score more, but with him absent from Sunday's third round FA Cup loss to Liverpool, it's clearly not just a him problem at the moment. They were all at it.

Whilst discussing our current woes in front of goal with a mate, he soon hit the nail on the head. "We’re just over thinking it". And he's right. All it takes is a few bad results and you get a performance like we had against Liverpool.

Some of Sunday's first half chances would've been put away without any trouble a couple of weeks back, no questions asked.

That killer first touch, that instinctive finish, becomes one touch too many, and a half-arsed effort. So many times we overplayed and the chance was gone. Blocked. Saved. Over the bar. Or a painful trickling effort wide.

Time for a post-Christmas trip to Dubai it would seem

As much as Arsenal-less weekends are far from fun, perhaps the timing of this particular break has come at a rather good time for the squad.

The Premier League's staggered winter break means we don't play again until Saturday, January 20 when we face Crystal Palace at Emirates Stadium. Let’s hope Palace feel the wrath of our front line after some time away.

Time on the training pitch that is! No trips to the Burj Khalifa, no cocktails at The Palm and no dune buggies across the desert. Sun, sea, and twatting as many footballs into the back of the net as possible. Yes please. 

We've lost our mojo, hopefully it's in Dubai. 


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