Getcha Gooner: Help Keep The Gooner Alive

Find Out How To Help Keep The Gooner Going

Getcha Gooner: Help Keep The Gooner Alive

Getcha Gooner and help keep us alive. PICTURE: Mark Butler's superb front cover for current issue 305

Help Keep The Gooner Going

Help keep the Gooner going by taking out a subscription for next season.

Or take one out for a mate.

While selling the new issue we were heartened by a few of you, stopping us to say you were subscribers but you wanted to buy a copy for a friend who hadn't read the Gooner in a while.

If there's more of you who fancy doing so ahead of the crunch clash betwen Arsenal and Manchester United this Sunday it will make us happy.

Every little helps as they say. 

Getcha Gooner: Invincibles Special

Speaking of which, we're so proud of our Gooner squad, with the quality of writing being exceptional - all coming from a position of passion, knowledge and love of our great club. 

The list of contributors to this new issue includes some of the best Arsenal writers around.

Le Grove, Charles Watts, Kevin Whitcher, Steve Ashford – aka Highbury Spy, Richard Smith, Steve Pye – aka That 1980s Blog, Annabel Rackham, Peter Le Beau, Paul Brooker, Charlie Ashmore, Simon Rose, David Fensome, Mike McDonald – aka Coach Mike, Jeorge Bird, Stephen Pavelin – aka Highbury Librarian, Mike Slaughter – aka Mickey Cannon, Clock End Italia, Darren Berry, Freddie Cardy, Henry Waddon, Ian Mills, Alistair Coleman.

Not to mention the brilliant Mark Butler (front cover) and the equally brilliant Ruth Beck Art. 

Getcha Gooner

All our writers are far too modest to say it - so I'll say it.

For the price of a wretched quarter of a half and half scarf, or three quarters of a pint of lager, or half a burger and chips - or 8p a day for a year, you'll get absolutely superb Arsenal writing from absolutely superb Arsenal writers.  

Sometimes you have to bang your own drum or the orchestra goes quiet - and as far I am concerned as editor of this fanzine I have to say quite simply you won't find better Arsenal writing in print over 68 pages in one publication anywhere in the world. 

If that's not enough, then I really, really don't know what is - and we might as well all pack up.

Because what else goes into the Gooner is love.

Love of our publication. Love of our club. Love of writing.

That's got to be worth something surely. 

So, if you're at Villa game, please, please, please buy a copy of our Gooner Fanzine Invincibles Special (305).

Buy it for a mate, buy it for a family member, buy it for a work pal, neighbour, buy it for your dog, buy it for your neighbours dog - buy it for anyone who you think might deserve a spot of Gooner Goodness packed with quality writing on The Arsenal.

PS For our loyal subscribers out there, please roll over your direct debits ie don't cancel them if you can help it as the numbers will go towards working out exactly where we go from the end of the season.

Getcha Gooner - Help keep the Gooner alive - help keep independent writing alive. 

Getcha Gooner: Invincibles Special

From every single person associated with the Gooner Fanzine, thank you so much.

So, to underline: If you're happy with the Gooner Fanzine then please, please, please let your Direct Debit roll over and be a subscriber for next year, as the numbers (or lack of) will go a long way to deciding what happens next season. More on this soon.  

Come on you Gunners

Layth and the Gooner team 

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