“I was close to moving in winter” Vivianne Miedema opens up on Arsenal exit

Miedema spoke about her departure on Sam Mewis’ Friendlies podcast

“I was close to moving in winter” Vivianne Miedema opens up on Arsenal exit

Vivianne Miedema has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester City after Arsenal opted not to offer her a new contract. Credit- Jacques Feeney/Offside

Arsenal legend Vivianne Miedema has opened up about this summer’s departure from the Gunners, and revealed that she was close to leaving the club back in winter.

Speaking to former USWNT international Sam Mewis on her Friendlies podcast, Miedema was asked about how she found out that her contract wasn’t going to be renewed, and how she felt about it.

“I decided to re-sign two years ago because at that moment in time I thought Arsenal were going into the right direction, and I always believe that if I'm happy off the pitch I’m good on the pitch,” said Miedema. “And I thought London feels like home, so let’s do it again.

“Obviously with the injuries and with the struggles I’ve had lately, it’s been really really difficult to be around the club and to be at the club sometimes. And I think from both sides we realised this wasn’t the fit it was two years ago any more, and from thereon you need to look to the future. 

“I had been speaking to clubs in winter, I was really close to potentially moving in winter already. And from there my focus has always been on getting fit and moving forward somewhere else. 

“Obviously it’s sad, it’s sad when you’ve been somewhere for so long, you’ve been part of the club, part of their development. But I think it’s the best thing for me, and hopefully I can show that next year someplace else.”

Miedema also added that she had decided on her new club and was hopeful it will be confirmed very soon. The Dutch forward has been strongly linked with staying in the Women's Super League by joining Manchester City.

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