Which Football Clubs get sponsored by Online Casinos?

Which Football Clubs get sponsored by Online Casinos?

Which Football Clubs get sponsored by Online Casinos?

Which Football Clubs get sponsored by Online Casinos?

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With about 50 percent of the world’s population being fans of it, football is by far the most admired sport of all. Fans love to watch the skilled players score goals, and even more enjoy betting with each other about which team will win the next game.

At the same time, online gambling is getting more and more popular. Many Online Casinos are discovering the opportunity, to use the love for betting of football fans to generate more revenue. A great way of advertising their casinos are football club sponsorships. 

Bayern Munich

Based on UEFA Club Rankings, Bayern Munich is currently the world´s leading football club. They have not only already won all three main UEFA competitions, they also managed to score six major trophies in just one season. On top of that, the German club has won 30 Bundesliga titles and 20 Domestic cups so far and is still going strong.

Because of their immense popularity and success worldwide, many Online Casinos have been interested in partnering with Bayern Munich in the past. Bwin has been sponsoring the club for a few years and even though their partnership was annulled in 2015, it did not take long for the football club to get a new sponsor on board. In the same year Tipico, a German owned Online Casino, took over with a new sponsorship. This cooperation has been renewed in 2021 and will go on until 2025.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid also enjoys great popularity across all of Europe. The Spanish club has won the UEFA Champions League and La Liga as well as other international and domestic competitions more than once. It is not a surprise that, although the Spanish Football Federation is versus the advertising of Online Casinos, many providers still make offers to Real Madrid.

Currently, the Russian Online Casino Fonbet, which was already founded in 1994, is backing the club. The promotions on Social Media and through targeted incentives have been very beneficial for both sides. Being very impressed by the successful sponsorship, Real Madrid now also partnered with the African provider SportyBet.


With 23 domestic titles, eight UEFA trophies and six leagues won in the last two decades, Chelsea is currently one of the most successful English football club in the world. But their popularity is not limited to Europe. Unlike many other European clubs, Chelsea also has a substantial fan base in Africa and Asia. At present, the club is the holder of the Super Cup and enjoys a massive following on Social Media.

This awoke the interest of many Online Casinos and since 2021 they are partnered with Parimatch, a Ukrainian provider which also sponsors the English Football Club Leicester City.

Manchester United

Next to Chelsea, Manchester United is also one of England’s most successful football clubs. They generate high profits every year and have fans from all across Europe. One of their many keen sponsors is BetFred. BetFred already exists since 1967 and has been one of the first English Casino Providers that took the opportunity of offering an Online Casino.

Manchester United and BetFred are not new partners, as they already shared a partnership in 2006. The current sponsorship is tied to a three-year contract, which could be extended at the end of the period.

Manchester City

As the current champion of the English Premier League Manchester City sure is of interest for Online Casinos, that are looking for a profitable partnership. For the last two years they have been sponsored by 8XBet, who is known to have anti-match fixing systems with different brands.

Fans and members of the Manchester United Club have access to special promotions, bonuses and rewards from the Casino Provider. As more and more Online casinos are partnering with football clubs, and it is getting harder to be scored high in casino reviews, 8XBet is looking at prolonging their sponsorship with a win in the UCL in the future.

AC Milan

With a history that goes back over a century, AC Milan is certainly a football club with a lot of character and experience. Some of the world´s best players have started their career here. Well known examples for that are Andriy Shevchenko, Paulo Maldini and Ricardo Kaká.

Since mid of 2021 AC Milan is under a sponsorship with PremierVegas, who was particularly interested in influencing the African online gambling market. Although it is not clear yet, for how long the contract will last, it seems obvious that both parties will benefit from it greatly. PremierVegas once stated, that they would like to keep the partnership up for a very long time.


Everton is another English football club that is dominating the English Premier League. Not long ago they agreed to an offer from stake.com, which is an Online Casino as well as a Sports Betting Platform. The deal is worth ten million pounds per year. They have also been partnered with an Online Casino Provider from Africa since 2017.

Because of their close relationships with successful Online Casinos, Everton dedicates a place on their Website to the best tips and most important news of that industry. Thanks to that, Everton fans are able to connect their passion for football and gambling and support their favorite brands in one go.

West Ham United

Although West Ham United is not expected to be a contender for the English Premier League any time soon, they are well known in the League and are followed by a lot of loyal fans. Due to this, they have been able to score a sponsorship from Betway, which has been substantial since 2015. As both West Ham and Betway are very reputable brands, their partnership has been profitable in both of their opinions.

With the rise of the Online Casino Industry and the never ending hype for football, the partnership between casino providers and football clubs is not a seldom sight. Because both ends largely benefit from the sponsorship, this also benefits fans of football and gambling and can be a bridge to explore and connect them.



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