Who is the World's Best Soccer Player in 2024?

Who is the World's Best Soccer Player in 2024?

Who is the World's Best Soccer Player in 2024?

Even though Americans enjoy the NFL, MLB, and NBA more than anything else, soccer continues to be king around the world. From live sports betting to jersey sales, the biggest clubs in the industry have millions of supporters on every corner of Earth. 

Soccer has always been one of the most popular sports on Earth. Also, the FIFA World Cup is perhaps the most streamed sporting event, even ahead of the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, or the Kentucky Derby.

In addition, Lionel Messi’s fierce competition with Cristiano Ronaldo revamped the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Unfortunately for the industry, they’re no longer at the peak of their game.

Messi is now playing at a subpar tournament like Major League Soccer. Cristiano is taking his talents to Saudi Arabia, where the toughest rivalry in soccer history is no longer a thing. That paves the way for other stars to emerge. 

Notably, Real Madrid has already made a splash in the market by signing former Borussia Dortmund star Jude Bellingham, widely regarded as the top player in the game today.

Jude Bellingham Stands Alone

An English native, Bellingham has taken La Liga by storm. In 31 appearances with Los Blancos, the star midfielder has already amassed 20 goals and nine assists (via Transfermarkt), despite not being a striker.

His connection with fellow youngster Vinicius Jr is one of the deadliest on Earth, and they’ve developed a strong bond off the pitch. They’re the future of Real Madrid right now:

“He was born to play for Real Madrid, to mark an era at the biggest club in the world,” the Brazilian said in an interview. “Let’s hope [our connection on the pitch] lasts many years, that we play here together for a long time. I’m delighted to play with Jude, one of the best players at his age right now. We’re all happy, and the fans are enjoying it.”

Bellingham may not be a veteran, but he’s already proven himself like a leader. Shortly after he arrived in Valdebebas, he established himself in the locker room as much as on the field, earning the praise and respect from coach Carlo Ancelotti.

“I’m surprised he’s only 20 years old because he looks 30 because of his character and attitude,” his coach said. “He has a lot of quality, physical strength and skill. He surprises me like he does to everyone else.”

A Versatile Midfielder

Under Ancelotti, Bellingham has played all over the pitch. He has even been a defensive midfielder when the team has needed him, although he’s obviously at his best when given freedom as a playmaker.

His newly found goal-scoring ability has made him one of the most efficient players in the league this season. He plays right between the strikers but arrives in the box like a nine, finishing with both feet. He also has a deadly aerial game.

Bellingham can play right behind or between the strikers, and his newly found goal-scoring ability has made him his team’s most proficient player this season. Given his frame and height, he also has a top-notch aerial game, which is unsurprising.

The 20-year-old has also established himself as a familiar presence in England’s lineup. That’s why former star Gary Neville believes he has everything it takes to become the greatest player in his nation’s history:

“If Bellingham continues like this, he could become the greatest English footballer of all time”, Neville told Marca. “He’s exceptionally talented and has a brilliant temperament. He always anticipates what is going to happen next. His start to the season with Real Madrid and England speaks of a player on another level. He is beautiful to watch.”

That’s a lot to say, and the ultimate compliment comes from a guy like Neville. Being the best player in the history of the country that invented this sport is something not many people have been able to brag about throughout history.

A Bright Future

If what they’ve given him wasn’t good enough, Real Madrid will give him another elite weapon. With Kylian Mbappè ready to join Los Merengues, we expect Bellingham’s assists numbers to rise drastically.

Despite his young age, the PSG star is already considered one of the game's best—if not the best—strikers. Los Blancos are all set to continue their dominance for years to come, as they’ll add him to a mix that already features young stars like Rodrygo, Camavinga, Vinicius, and—of course—Jude Bellingham. 

Bellingham seems destined to win multiple Ballon d’Or and FIFA's Best awards in his career. More than that, his compatriots will hope that he’ll be able to lead them back to the mountaintop, as it’s been quite a while since they last won the World Cup (1966).

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