What was once Arsene’s Project… is now Sven Mislintat’s

Arsenal’s position in the financial pecking order relies on head of scouting to give them any chance of glory

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When Arsenal planned the building of the Emirates Stadium, around about the turn of the millennium, it was in an effort to keep up with Manchester United’s financial firepower. Unfortunately, United were racing ahead on more than one front in that respect. Not only did they have a bigger stadium, their commercial development was years ahead of Arsenal’s, a consequence of their being traded on the stock exchange and needing to make profit to pay shareholders dividends. A boardroom stacked with business knowhow, as opposed to old Etonians was highly significant.

This is why, in spite of United’s relative lack of recent on-field success compared to the Alex Ferguson era, they are still posting significant profits, all the while able to invest in player transfers and wages at a level Arsenal can only dream of. Significantly, the Glaser family are not pumping in their own funds, they do not need to.

Arsenal’s attempt to keep up with United partially failed because of the emergence of Chelsea. Between 2005 and Manchester City’s first Premier League title in 2012, the title was won by either United or Chelsea. Aside from the remarkable intervention of Leicester in 2016, when Arsenal finished above United, Chelsea and Man City, the title has been shared by those three clubs.

Chelsea and City were artificially pumped with funds from their owners to raise them to the level at which they could win the league, and can continue to do so if required with artificial sponsorship deals. There are all kinds of ways of getting around the Financial Fair Play rules and ultimately, clubs that digress are never going to be thrown out of competitions because their organisers are aware that they add value to them. So they get fined (meanlingless) or suffer transfer bans (which does hurt short term) although points deductions are rare and have never been seen in the Premier League.

Which means that, for Arsenal, the ship has sailed. That Liverpool are now playing to a stadium with a capacity of 54,000 and Tottenham will (eventually) have a capacity in excess of Arsenal’s means that the Gunners are probably looking at the teams behind them financially catching up rather than any once held ambition to compete with the more moneyed big boys.

When Arsene Wenger embarked on what became termed ‘Project Youth’ with the move to the Emirates, the idea was that, with less money to spend, he would develop a team with younger players who would become world class and remain with the club to ensure it could win trophies as it used to. He did develop a couple of world class players – Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie. However, once it became apparent that neither would be winning much by the way of silverware, they wanted out. There were many that did not fulfill their early potential. The faith placed in the likes of Alex Song and Denilson meant that Wenger decided against buying experience such as Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso in 2009. Arsenal never finished better than third place in the seasons that followed and there was no silverware of any description until 2014’s FA Cup. They were barren years in which the club’s profits grew, at the same time as creeping frustration as fans saw Chelsea lifting the Champions League in 2012, followed weeks later by the sale of Van Persie to Old Trafford.

So Wenger’s experiment failed, assuming the aim was to build a title-winning side. Sven Mislintat has been brought in to secure young quality that will improve at Arsenal and become world class. Long contracts will be used with the aim of securing the players so that, at least, if they demand a move, the income generated will allow the club to replace with further and more expensive quality identified by Mislintat.

CEO Ivan Gazidis explained over the summer how transfer target decisions are made. There is consultation between Mislintat and Unai Emery about players – and there would be no point in any decision to go after a player the head coach did not intend to use. Then, once a decision is agreed, Gazidis, director of football Raul Sanllehi and contract man Huss Fahmy get involved to negotiate and complete the deal.

However, Emery will not be recommending the players to buy. The discussions between himself and Mislintat may revolve around requirements for the squad, although in truth, such discussions have probably been going on between the ‘IRS’ (Ivan, Raul, Sven) since Raul Sanllehi’s arrival at the club in February (when it had probably already been decided Arsene Wenger was to be sent packing), and the January arrivals of Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Mavropanos had the hallmark of Mislintat all over them. Wenger was not even aware the club were trying to buy the young Greek centre-back Mavropanos and at that point probably realized the writing was on the wall.

So Emery will be presented by the head scout with options about potential purchases, but ultimately, will probably trust the judgment of Mislintat, certainly at the level of a player like Guendouzi, who he is unlikely to have seen a great deal of. How aware would he have been of the merits of Lucas Torreira? Sokratis? It would really depend how much Italian and German football he had time to watch. The same goes for Bernd Leno – although here, a discussion about the need for a ball-playing keeper required for Emery’s tactics will have been significant. Lichsteiner was secured early in June and one imagines the decision to sign him was made before Emery was even appointed, although was the one player the new manager would doubtless have had plenty of knowledge about.

Also, we are in a new era for the club now. Managers can be sacked if they are not delivering, there are is no longer the situation where the man in the dugout is a sacred cow. So in terms of the strategy, the new set up is specifically designed to cope with managerial changes, to establish some kind of continuity. The selection of Emery suggests the priority on attractive attacking football as a starting point for the team’s tactics remains. One imagines that will remain, so it is really a matter of the variations in this that different managers will bring.

Ultimately though, the quality of the players is what will be the deciding factor in Arsenal’s future success. Mislintat has the nickname ‘Diamond Eyes’ because of the players he brought to Borussia Dortmund, his previous employer. He’ll have no choice but to scout targets that the club can afford, and for the immediate future, with income set to fall as a consequence of their decline since 2016, he’ll need to deliver if Arsenal are to rise again. In conclusion, on the football side, he is the most important figure at the club right now. We wait to see how good Konstantinos Mavropanos and Matteo Guendouzi turn out to be, but the discovery of young stars are Mislintat’s hallmark, so let’s hope his reputation is enhanced further in seasons to come.

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  1. mbg

    Sep 2, 2018, 19:55 #112055

    Talking about noses what ever happened to the arsene knows banner that use to hang behind the goal in the north bank at the Emirates ? even when it was pretty clear and obvious he hadn't a fooking clue (Sad or what) until the AKB wengerite owner finally realised that, maybe it was used to burn down AKB central command.

  2. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 2, 2018, 17:33 #112050

    Badarse/Alexander Steine (Snr); You know I’ve always taught you right from wrong son. To never hate. Now what do you want to be when you grow up? Verybadarse/Alexander Steine (Jnr) When I grow up I want to be a hypocritical bigot like you Dad. Badarse/Alexander Steine (Snr); That’s my boy. Sorry about the black eye.

  3. markymark

    Sep 2, 2018, 17:05 #112048

    Sorearse - “Only One, the guiding words fall on deaf noses” ho ho you tickle me Baddie , now for those who weren’t present Tooaw , wrote a paedophilic post where he used the euphemism ‘nose’ to describe a Penis as Tooaw thought it was funny to describe a man revealing his Penis to a boy and telling him to keep it secret. Old Grandpa Badarse not only decided it wasn’t paedophilic ( what was it then? Decrepid man) buu now thinks its knock about end of the pier humour. How your family must love you when you indulge them in your sermons . Did you show them your ‘nose’ Granpa? I know it’s hilarious isn’t it! Can’t wait for the next sermon from the signed up member of the dirty Mac brigade.

  4. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 2, 2018, 12:15 #112042

    Did you threaten your son with a heavy slap Badarse? Did you actually give him a heavy slap? Maybe you lost an argument with him and lost control?

  5. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 2, 2018, 12:00 #112041

    Where did it all go wrong with the upbringing of your children?

  6. Exeter Ex

    Sep 2, 2018, 10:38 #112040

    "To teach children to hate is negating the role of a father" says the only person to have threatened physical violence on this website, and apparently shares his offerings with his family. The lack of self-awareness continues to astonish.

  7. markymark

    Sep 2, 2018, 08:12 #112039

    More sermons from Badarse can be found at #charlatanliarhypocrite

  8. markymark

    Sep 2, 2018, 07:58 #112038

    Interesting soreaese as apparently you’ve said it’s better to teach my children about paedo’s. now as your family read your contributions your grand children are obviously aware that you are groper . A paedo sympathiser and an anti Semite. Funny I’ve not taught my child to hate anything as you’ll find five year olds hate lots of things like marmite for instance so I don’t add to the list. Your grandchildren on the other hand have been given a bucket load of spite from your writings Thanks for the Sermon Rev. But think you need to remove the plank. Maybe listen to Jonathan Sachs he might remove some of your intolerance

  9. Badarse

    Sep 2, 2018, 07:53 #112037

    To teach children to hate is negating the role of a father, and beyond that destroying the fabric of society placing enormous pressure on the species if it was copied wholesale. A man who cries 'wolf' then herds a pack of jackals is no role model, but could be a roll model if smothered in chopped bald egg. Here endeth the lesson. Now who is that dodgy script writer?

  10. markymark

    Sep 2, 2018, 07:27 #112036

    Brian’s Dream. Brian felt a searing pain in his buttocks , that his lover had once described as being boney. He looked down and realised he was naked and was held in some sort of bucket. A searing grinding noise almost unbearable, assaulted his ears. The metal container was moving along some form of rusty conveyor. Brian peered above the rim of the bucket and could see other containers with people in them. Then shouts and cries. What was that he heard? “My name is Jamee, I am immortal , I cannot die I am a member of the Elect. I have retired from Wenger , release me I repeat I am a member of the Elect. Release me deviant slave. Aaarrgghhhhhh.... “ the scream was sickening to hear . Brian realised that the bucket had been tipped and perhaps Jamee wasn’t a member of the Elect after all? There seemed to be a figure in a black hood operating a leaver , cackling . Did he have WOR written on his robes? Further ahead he noticed another loaded bucket . More pleas “ I ain’t been in years , my ticket in 1967 cost me a years wages, I’ll offer yer 3 / 1 fella I’m innocent , I hated Wenger. I’m just an innocent Westie.... “ Aaaaarrghhhhh. Brian felt sick as the bucket tipped the man forward into the void. Brian had to think quick. He started shouting “Good old Emery, Good Old Emery Wenger had to go, Good Old Emery “ the bucket kept moving forward... And then Brian awoke

  11. Badarse

    Sep 2, 2018, 07:24 #112035

    Only One, the guiding words fall on deaf noses I'm afraid. Let them go buddy, I am. Good old Arsenal. Just imagine what my hero Frank McLintock would say to this rabble? Think he would sort them out as he did those Sour fans a few years back at the Arsenal when they were in the company box and being disrespectful. He is further along that old rattling conveyor belt so I wonder what his reaction would be if death was wished upon him? My bet is he would grab that nose to stop the cohorts blowing smoke up it. Just off to the synagogue now as I want to listen in awe to that great humanitarian Sachs, ha ha. Oh, he thinks 0-4 also. I will go for a closer score but can see us winning and 1-3 resonates. Any win will do for me today though.

  12. mbg

    Sep 2, 2018, 06:50 #112032

    You have to laugh the AKB wengerites doing their dammdest/very best, to turn things around to make themselves look like Arsenal and Unai supporters, 4-0 etc, hee hee, lol, you couldn't make it up, who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler, not a f*****g chance.

  13. A Cornish Gooner

    Sep 1, 2018, 22:02 #112031

    TOOAW. Not if he's a 'deserving cause' apparently.

  14. markymark

    Sep 1, 2018, 20:55 #112030

    Tooaw - a death of a paedo is a benefit to society don’t you think?

  15. TOOAW

    Sep 1, 2018, 20:52 #112029

    Who nose Narky boy. Scoreline is going to be as many eyes that you have. 4 nil Arsenal. Extremely unpleasant wishing death upon a fellow gooner eh. Keep smiling fella.

  16. markymark

    Sep 1, 2018, 20:12 #112028

    Tooaw - it’s so obvious that you like to sneak in ‘nose’ into your comments . Gives you a thrill does it perv man? Salivating over your Paedo post no doubt. Must have taken you time to think up that post. Maybe taken from your own back catalog of events. So clever to use ‘nose’ as your coffin dodger pal can pretend there was nothing wrong. But then we know back in the day he was a PIE fan. Much like you are to.

  17. mbg

    Sep 1, 2018, 19:59 #112027

    And we all know what/who the affordable housing was used for/allotted to, so another ghetto of bigots and racists. Come on Arsenal.

  18. TOOAW

    Sep 1, 2018, 19:53 #112026

    It’s all becoming very relevant. Old four eyes Narky boy has limited vision which suggests he clearly can not see any further than the end of his nose. It does suggest that he meant Unai for boss man and not Arteta. All seeing Arsenal scoring 4 tomorrow.

  19. jjetplane

    Sep 1, 2018, 18:42 #112025

    Do I hear some profound frothing below the surface from the EOR hon president 2018. Need to calm down before you get fed your curry through a tube ....

  20. markymark

    Sep 1, 2018, 17:05 #112024

    The Wenger Boys bodies lay a mouldering in the grave “Westie” The Wenger Boys bodies lay a mouldering in the grave “Jamee” The Wenger Boys bodies lay a mouldering in the grave “Colesey” As Unai goes marching on! Chorus Who the **** is Brian Badarse Who the **** is Brian Badarse Who the **** is Brian Badarse As Unai goes marching on , on , on !

  21. Badarse

    Sep 1, 2018, 15:25 #112023

    AKB Central Command was revamped, refurbished and suitably amended to a permanent dwelling, and is now being used as affordable housing for the poorer in our society. It was renamed Arsene Wenger House. The WOB HQ by contrast was demolished as the swamp it was built in was considered unsuitable for civilized habitation. When a Housing Inspector visited and in surprise questioned the fact that pigs were living inside with the WOBs the WOB spokesman said, 'The pigs will just have to put up with it!' The WOR built their new HQ in the wilderness, where you will hear the strains of Edwin Starr pierce the night air with lamentable singing, 'WOR! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!'

  22. mbg

    Sep 1, 2018, 14:31 #112022

    As we await the Editors Cardiff match preview (which we're going to win 4-0) can anyone shed any light on whatever happened to the AKB central command building ?

  23. markymark

    Sep 1, 2018, 11:57 #112021

    ExeterEx - as age creeps up with me and the now constant need of glasses I admit to misreading your profoundarse as poundlandarse - I’m sort of liking poundlandarse I have to say . Gone tits up hasn’t it?

  24. jjetplane

    Sep 1, 2018, 11:15 #112020

    Unai at his conference taking a random call in the middle of it. Sounds and looks so much brighter than the last faded model of a manager. Bet the press prefer Unai already to the tetchy Wenger.

  25. markymark

    Sep 1, 2018, 10:53 #112019

    Badarse of course granted himself the right to insult those who criticised the manager. So this year it looks like it’s open season on the Coffin Dodger. So bring it on decrepid man.

  26. mbg

    Sep 1, 2018, 00:16 #112018

    Exeter Ex, sensible thought still possible ? they heard/read it somewhere else mate.

  27. jjetplane

    Aug 31, 2018, 19:57 #112017

    So that's what the last 22 years were about. Profundity just below the surface. Like a great Joycean epiphany. Thanks Instinctarse. We WOR are truly blessed to have such an esteemed member of the EOR in our presence. TOOAW will be out there tonight eyes gleaming, tins spraying ....

  28. Exeter Ex

    Aug 31, 2018, 16:34 #112016

    Wildearse follows up the passive aggressive sniping at Emery ("Seems his language skills improve as the game goes on though because he comes on as sub") with the profound expectation of top 4 and 2 cups from this season. Strange, last season Profoundarse would've rebuked the 'language skills' comment as 'speculation and hearsay, you have insufficient evidence to comment'. I wonder what has caused his and Toady's shift from dog-like loyalty to critical fan? They sound like the WOR last season - though of course they cleverly cover their tracks with "Cardiff 0 AFC 4" or "I am not vilifying" so none of us can see where they've been. As JJ said, they are the EOR. Hear them bray! I do agree on safe standing though, it seems sensible thought is still possible.

  29. mbg

    Aug 31, 2018, 16:14 #112015

    Yes lads old kicked arse is very conveniently forgetting (yet again) that his messiah was here twenty years plus, and had the last ten to get it right in which he failed miserably with embarrassment after embarrassment while Unai has only been in charge for three games, so unfortunately for him and his wengerites Unai has a hell of a lot of get out of jail cards and leeway left yet.

  30. TOOAW

    Aug 31, 2018, 16:12 #112014

    It really is time for safe standing to be introduced in English football Badarse. In all fairness, most people stand at away games and it would certainly help the atmosphere at the Emirates. The lower tier clock end is a must for safe standing and I'm sure the club will have to introduce it upon FA approval. Many a day standing at football and many a memory on the old North Bank.

  31. mbg

    Aug 31, 2018, 15:39 #112013

    The man from, yes Warnock he always finds his way back doesn't he ? but remember we haven't the same one dimensional manager anymore for him (and all the others)to see through and wind up so easily.

  32. mbg

    Aug 31, 2018, 15:13 #112012

    So the old fraud has popped up in a lengthy interview with RTL, the weasel (still with his sly arrogant grin) has said staying at Arsenal for 22 years was his biggest mistake, no shyte Sherlock, some of us were telling you that 8,9,10 seasons ago, to fooking late saying and realising that now you arrogant c**t, the damage is done. I'm sure you'll be astonished to know some of your idiot disciples would actually love to see, and want you back.

  33. markymark

    Aug 31, 2018, 13:40 #112011

    Step 1: Brian starts claiming his comments are profound. Step 2: Brian begins to refer to himself in the third person. Step 3: Brian renames himself Jahweh Ben Jahweh , dresses himself in Purple Robes and declares his Jack Russell as supreme leader. It’ll happen believe me!

  34. jjetplane

    Aug 31, 2018, 13:09 #112010

    Nice one Exeter on picking up on the comedy Frank Fieldarse. 'My instincts which lay below the surface are even more profound' - Could be the best one yet from Coleridgearse. Profoundarse indeed. Love it when he pretends to know his football. They all thought Wenger 'was quite profound below the surface' too. Hemingwayarse .....

  35. Exiled in Pt

    Aug 31, 2018, 12:30 #112009

    Happy days a trip to Lisbon in the EL. I can dust the adidas off and meet up with some of the boys !! Come on the Arsenal......

  36. Badarse

    Aug 31, 2018, 12:27 #112008

    Agreed Only One. Both the League Cup and Europa should be formalities and opportunities for fringe players to get a run out, but we shall see. I have always maintained that this is a good squad and well worthy of a top four birth. Last season it was on but we failed as a unit, a unit is a team and manager to me, by not gaining points away from home, injuries to key men, and underperforming by some players. This season may be a rockier ride but am convinced that the squad is still good enough for that top four slot. On a different note I see the FA have thrown their weight behind the safe standing proposal. Only a good thing in my book.

  37. TOOAW

    Aug 31, 2018, 12:01 #112007

    Very valid points Badarse. The Europa league draw looks quite a simple progression and maybe project youth could be used. Point taken on the fickle five.

  38. Exeter Ex

    Aug 31, 2018, 11:08 #112006

    Sorry everyone, I can't resist continuing to rip this to pieces. He starts with "Take away the Arsene aspect and whosoever has stepped in, and focus." but swiftly forgets to heed his own advice: "Imagine the stick AW would get for that" and "AW would attract so much lather from all the frothing had it been his decision". And this line is simply worth repeating for comedy purposes: "my instincts which lay below the surface are even more profound".

  39. Exeter Ex

    Aug 31, 2018, 10:57 #112005

    And now it's 'vacuous' to say it's too early to judge 3 games in. Apparently the league table after 3 games tells us enough. But a decade of mediocrity and who were we to dare judge Wenger.

  40. Exeter Ex

    Aug 31, 2018, 10:46 #112004

    "We appear light in both direction and fortitude." words that could apply any time in the last decade, yet you would never have uttered them before now. Funny that. "AW would attract so much lather from all the frothing had it been his decision" Reasonable people tend to give a manager the benefit of the doubt 3 games in. Less so 22 years in. You never ever found any of AW's decisions 'questionable' yet do this manager 3 games in. All this from Mr "I support whoever the Arsenal manager is". There's the double standard, epitomised in a single post.

  41. Badarse

    Aug 31, 2018, 10:34 #112003

    Morning Only One. Your view of the releasing of midfield men is a good case in question. I must be honest I hadn't focused on that aspect especially but knew in my gut it was questionable. Seeing it graphically as your post has illustrated, makes me realise my instincts which lay below the surface are even more profound. Good job, buddy. So there is a group of five of whom I shall happily ignore from now on, until possibly I change my mind, ha ha. My view is thus. Take away the Arsene aspect and whosoever has stepped in, and focus. We appear light in both direction and fortitude. Bard once made a good point that Mesut and Miki cannot be played together, so one assumes he wouldn't, although recognising the import I on the other hand might, but only occasionally. That, if wisdom, has been overlooked by Unai, unless Mesut is being disciplined(?). We have an enforcer in Torreira who struggles with English and therefore isn't first choice. Imagine the stick AW would get for that. Seems his language skills improve as the game goes on though because he comes on as sub when perhaps the team are puffing and talk is at a minimum. Our two paired at the back are both adequate but not Adams/Bould. So slow only Kos can add some zip, so hurry back skip. I also understand the logic behind loaning young One Eye for a season, but I wouldn't. I am not the manager but I saw him as a fringe player this term. I am not vilifying Unai though, yet AW would attract so much lather from all the frothing had it been his decision. In other words unfair and biased observations. Some might even say bigoted. As an aside look at the league table as is when you want to use the vacuous term, '...only 3 games...', the top 10 currently will with perhaps an odd exception or two, and only then marginally, will be the top 10 at the season's end. My opinion but a valid call I think.

  42. The Man From UNCLE

    Aug 31, 2018, 09:58 #112002

    Who's looking forward to Cardiff on Sunday? Be good to meet up with our old mucker Neil Warnock again. Bit of an Arsenal fan by all accounts, but expect him to be, ah, "reminding" the ref/linesman/assistant that they didn't quite get something right. Perhaps Mr Ramsey might have a good game on his emotional return to the valleys.

  43. jjetplane

    Aug 31, 2018, 09:53 #112001

    TOOAW is now honorary president of Sam knows best rabble (SKB). Well down GUVNOR .....

  44. TOOAW

    Aug 31, 2018, 09:24 #112000

    Who mentioned Allardyce?? Not me guvnor. Should have employed Arteta eh Bonzo. I’m sure Peter Wain is onto something though.

  45. Exeter Ex

    Aug 31, 2018, 08:56 #111999

    So according to Toady, Arsenal should now have a midfield of Wilshire, Carzola, Ozil, Ramsey and Reiss-Nelson. Perhaps you could combine this with Trollarse's idea of Wenger still manager with Emery as his assistant. These guys really know their football, don't they?

  46. markymark

    Aug 31, 2018, 07:15 #111998

    ToOaW - As our friend MBG has kindly pointed out your fickleness knows no bounds. Will Cardiff 0-2 Arsenal cause a tremble , will Cardiff 0-5 Arsenal make you scream 10 more years , 10 more years. Cardif 0-0 Arsenal, I know you’ll be demanding Walrus face by Christmas. Just to point out I personally think Baddies an old Decrepid but you love him so I’d suggest you call him Mr Badarse , as in Mr Wenger , Mr Emery , Mr Badarse , lick , lick.....

  47. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 23:55 #111997

    So it's moved from supporting big fat sam to take over by Christmas, to a Mr Emery, and a great result against Cardiff in the space of six or so hours, lol, hee hee, you couldn't make it up, what is this idiot smoking, or was it something in Gary Mabbutts foot.

  48. Made Up Stat

    Aug 30, 2018, 22:52 #111996

    Exeter - have long admired your total destruction of PompArse's 'offerings'. Please, please continue.

  49. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 20:52 #111995

    Exeter, Ex, 117876, it was all cryptic you see (as the idiot keeps telling us) we just weren't intelligent enough for him to work his gobbledegook out. Exciting times ahead.

  50. TOOAW

    Aug 30, 2018, 20:34 #111994

    Good evening Badarse. My take on this season is that we have nowhere near the midfield that should represent Arsenal FC. Sven let Santi Cazorla leave after Arsene gave him the rehabilitation that he deserved, and now look at him flourish yet again. Jack was released from his contract by Unai. Ramsey and Ozil are getting abused even though they are contracted to AFC and arguably the best offensive midfielders. Reiss-Nelson has been loaned out. And it’s all Arsene’s fault. Tip of the iceberg buddy. Keep happy and keep telling it like it is.

  51. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 20:05 #111993

    Exter Ex, yes indeed, he never seems to pull them up on anything, although at least he has never connected either hee hee, and that other half wit peter wain who drifts in and out of here like someone drifting in and out of consciousness spouting about Big fat sam being the option after only two games, and of course with one of the flower pot men backing him up, maybe he could give us opinion on that. Come on Arsenal.

  52. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 19:40 #111992

    jj, curryarse, splitting my arse sorry sides laughing, although it doesn't take much of that cuisine (if any)to get the crap flowing out of him.

  53. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 19:39 #111991

    Trollarse - you trolled the site when it was peaceful cos you thought it needed livening up. You have succeeded in your aim. How do you feel it's working out for you?

  54. markymark

    Aug 30, 2018, 19:08 #111990

    Trollarse - odd that twice you attempted on the Gooner to morally compare paedophilic behaviour with another issue. First it was a comparison with adult sexuality and now with a view about your life expectancy. First off fella you are comparing the innocents who are not emotionally, physically or any in other form of capacity able to give consent. Therefore any assault upon a child is the gravest of crimes and morally reprehensible. Encouragement such as “Give them more” to Tooaw is morally corruptive and despicable particularly as this must have been in regard to his perverted post. You, whatever your age have offered people violence therefore you are fair game. You are not innocent and know full well what you are doing. There is no equivalence between wishing an old corrupt despot in his box and abuse of children . I note of course your old PIE mates attempted to continuously draw abuse into the arena of normality and would say it is no different than adult sexuality . If you are attempting to suggest that than you are a PIE sympathiser full stop. It would answer the question why some of your vanguard of change fellow travellers ended up in prison.

  55. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 18:46 #111989

    So Trollarse thinks teasing someone about being old and close to death is far worse than paedophilia talk. This may be a broad church but I think he's just revealed an awful lot more about himself than he intended.

  56. markymark

    Aug 30, 2018, 18:40 #111988

    Good evening trollarse - always good to see you post a 1000 words when 10 would do . It’s also always good to be called a master, even if it is just of misunderstanding. Anyway here’s some of the points I misunderstand . You say you’ve always supported woman’s rights , yet you have written poetry celebrating groping woman. You say you’ve always supported children’s rights. Yet you’ve praised a self confessed child beater ( Jamee ) on this site. You say you wish to protect children , yet you fail to comprehend a blatant paedophillic post from your pal ToOaW. You say you hate Trump yet for some reason you join in the chorus of Alt Right Anti Semitism by isolating out the Jewish Religion for abuse. Then as a man of peace you somehow decide to threaten other posters. So many misunderstandings . Where do I begin?

  57. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 18:22 #111987

    It is impossible to overestimate the power of your stupidity, Toady.

  58. A Cornish Gooner

    Aug 30, 2018, 17:42 #111986

    'evolve around' = 'power of stupidity' Just saying.

  59. Don Howe

    Aug 30, 2018, 17:28 #111985

    I dispute the assertion that MBG's hatred of the creature outweighs his love of Arsenal. It's because he loves Arsenal that he hates Wenger. I myself have asked him to try and shut up about the creature, (who incidentally I detest more than MBG, easily and for a lot longer) precisely because he is gone and is essentially no longer relevant. MBG however feels that we need to be reminded as to the carcinogenic nature of the creature and the harm he has done. It's a point of view and I wouldn't try and dissuade him because it annoys people who dwelt happily in the Creature's lower gut for years. I would do so because it isn't (for the most part)relevant any more. It's a bit like being annoyed by Napoleon in 1826 when he was dead from cyanide poisoning in his cell on St Helena.[We still own St Helena by the way and Potassium Cyanide is generally available so if we wanted to.....] He did a lot of damage but WE WON and HE's TOAST. I'm a lot more interested in why Sideshow Bob and our Uruguayan destroyer aren't first choice yet. I'm much more interested in Ozil being sacked for gross misconduct and for Ramsey to either come to his senses or get lost. Lastly I'm keen as mustard to see the next Arsenal game, and for that I give thanks.

  60. TOOAW

    Aug 30, 2018, 17:25 #111984

    They'll get it eventually Badarse that not all things evolve around Ex and his crew and on this site it's an open church to voice opinions that Eggman doesn't agree with. 'never underestimate the power of stupidity' Ex.... If Mr Emery can start the ball rolling with first and foremost a settled team and begin bringing home results. That's ok with me. See you at the next home game fella. Cardiff 0 Arsenal 4

  61. jjetplane

    Aug 30, 2018, 17:18 #111983

    Good stuff A Cornish and see the the donkey connect though would not like to see the EOR claim Tony Adams as one their own. Aah yes TOOAW the 8-2 man and happy with it .... Must be that time for socioarse to write a script like he did for Jamerson numerous times with talk of jumping on a table wearing Dutch clogs .... Oh how we guffawed .... NOT.

  62. A Cornish Gooner

    Aug 30, 2018, 17:04 #111982

    EOR pronounced EEYORE is generally characterized as a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey. Sounds about right.

  63. A Cornish Gooner

    Aug 30, 2018, 16:43 #111981

    Can anybody remember these three results from the start of a season. Newcastle United 0-0 AFC, AFC 0-2 Liverpool, Man Utd. 8-2 AFC. (Heaviest ever defeat in PL) One point after three games. Any ideas who was Arsenal's manager.

  64. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 16:28 #111980

    “you make a pretty fine case for being a Gooner” that’s why he said “I don't think Unai is up to the job” after 3 matches and thinks there may be something in Allardyce by Christmas. “GoonerRon never gets involved” well yes he does, like with mbg. So that’s simply factually incorrect. “Only One is the leader of his own gang as I am of mine. We are too confident for the need of others” that’ll be why Toady often simply copies what you say, like with “I do sense a feeling of frustration and bitterness in your life” which is classic Trollarse distraction line heard many times. That ‘confidence’ must be why you make those overtures to the two Ronnies or still pine for Westlower, some 3 years on. “with misreporting of inverted commas” you mean when I directly quote you, which you don’t like because it shows you up. Like when you say “AW should’ve stayed on another year” which you’ve now conveniently decided to augment with “He should have been brought in earlier to work alongside AW, or the workload should have been altered to give Bouldy more say so that when Emery arrived Bouldy would be the conduit.” Because everything we know about Wenger over his long tenure suggests he would’ve been up for that. This is why you are clueless. Far from ‘dismissive insults’, I use the evidence of your own words against you and show you for the hypocrite you are, time and time again. This is what is unbearable to you and all you have to come back with is “It’s not true, he’s nasty, he’s horrible” because you cannot argue against the facts. It is you distorting them by later pretending you meant something else to what you actually said. You never said it in the first place but of course we should’ve all realised you meant Emery should’ve worked with Wenger. It’s pathetic. Where I do agree is this site is just a game and you lose the game, every time.

  65. jjetplane

    Aug 30, 2018, 16:23 #111979

    Zimmerarse wished he had the opportunity to tell Arsenal how they should have gone about the changeover. He could have written to them telling them how he FEARS for the very life of MY club and as they got to page 30 most had decided a quick visit to the club doctor and a lie down was in order. What an odd old boy they would chorus and how like the laughable Mr Wenger he is with the pomposity and insincerity blown to such heights but why? Pure drivel like the last 17 years of the most unpopular manager ever at AFC. TOOAW and insincerearse are the new WOR only now they are the EOR (Emery Out Rabble). I guess there is logic in their evolution.

  66. Badarse

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:59 #111978

    Afternoon There's Only One. I must admit your equanimity is magnificent. For a Tottenham supporter you make a pretty fine case for being a Gooner, ha ha. It shows in stark contrast the absence of commitment from the rabble. Every time Eggman posts he tries to take me down and uses misconstructions and misunderstandings to illustrate. The Nark is the master at misunderstanding though, but between them so narrow is the gap that you could only slide in a MAYDUP man. Eggman decides it's arrant nonsense so therefore it is, as he is the WOR's leader. All his posts are aimed as weapons at those he dislikes with misreporting of inverted commas. As often said, educated but a fool. To just declare another's post critically with a dismissive insult, is not a very acceptable negotiating tool. Still, enough talking of tools. I'd love to see those tactics in a real situation. Hilarious. Nark, not a nice bloke is obsessed with my death and wishes it a speedy arrival. Bizarre, and extremely unpleasant. Is this worse than paedophilia talk? A man teaching his child that is clearly not really concerned about things like whether a post was laced with paedophilia. His betrayal is far worse in my book. As for the MAYDUP man, he is like a little puppy running after his masters' hoping to be thrown a bone. Incidentally Gooner Ron attracts criticism because he states that MAYDUP man cannot let go. You cannot criticise one of the WOR fella and escape the vitriol. Currently he is being given wriggle room but he has to accept the leader's decision otherwise he too will be isolated from their clique as they see it. I've got news for you WOR, GoonerRon never gets involved, for better or worse. He wants a quiet life and it is his decision of how to play the game. This site is just a game. I am impressed with his ability to resist, so good for him. Incidentally Only One is the leader of his own gang as I am of mine. We are too confident for the need of others but share the platform gladly because we are Arsenal fans. Then we have jjingoballs emerging from his weedy smog and treading in the remains of his winkle pizza. He claims I cannot deal with disruptions. A Trump type fake news post. I deal with disruptions quite easily, look at those I deal with on this site. He also says AFC were wrong in appointing Unai. More distortion of the truth. He should have been brought in earlier to work alongside AW, or the workload should have been altered to give Bouldy more say so that when Emery arrived Bouldy would be the conduit. So who isn't happy with the present? Me, because a really tough job was made tougher by the backroom men at AFC. That is my only regret. Those are my feelings and position on Unai. I want him to succeed more than all you clowns put together. Good old Arsenal.

  67. 1971 Gooner

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:57 #111977

    Without mentioning the ‘W’ word, Sven’s job, as Unai’s, should be viewed in the context of slow decline inevitably leading to a slow recovery; especially given the financial constrain within which IRS are operating. FFS may as well be written as FFS - only Arsenal could have fallen for that one, or used it as a defendable excuse for not spending money when needed. Finally, @GoonerRon, I am with you regarding the tedious war of words that regularly features between certain posters on this site; it’s a real turn-off.

  68. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:44 #111976

    SKG 1, yes the not signing of Alonso was another in his long list of mistakes, he could/would have been a big difference/help (providing he'd have been allowed to of course) the problem more than anything else was he was to good, for old weng, reputation wise also, and not afraid to speak his mind and therefore wouldn't have put up with him and his philosophies or towed the line like all the other nice boys, and of course the egoistic TOF stayed well away from those type.

  69. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:32 #111975

    As expected Toady, the point sailed over your head. As I say, you're too stupid to get it.

  70. TOOAW

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:21 #111974

    Boo hoo eggman. It's not pleasant when an Arsenal manager is mocked is it?? Based on facts, Arsene never lost his opening 2 games. Now if you find that hard to take. It's your problem but it's a fact. I do sense a feeling of frustration and bitterness in your life. Keep smiling fella it's good for you. Cardiff 0 Arsenal 4.

  71. Exiled in Pt

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:17 #111973

    Biggest worry at the moment is why Torreira is not starting , hopefully this week he will but i find language as a bit of a weak excuse for him not starting yet. Need to see Lacazette starting with Auby and Welbeck , lets see if Ozil and Mikki show a bit of hunger by coming off the bench late in the game.

  72. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 15:01 #111972

    It's just about exposing the likes of you, Toady. Years of "I support whoever the manager of Arsenal is" cries of "traitors, quislings" whenever the last manager was criticised. Now there's a new manager, we get exactly the kind of comments from you and Trollarse you were railing against just a few months ago. I simply expose your hypocrisy and your blatant support for the man not the club using your own words, time and time again. Trollarse waves the white flag when this happens by descending into third party nonsense. You're simply too stupid to see it.

  73. mbg

    Aug 30, 2018, 14:33 #111971

    Exeter, thought that myself, I guess the bigoted troll didn't take kindly to you smacking his arse, and GooneRon for not connecting.

  74. TOOAW

    Aug 30, 2018, 14:18 #111970

    Good afternoon Badarse. Poor old Ex. Booing and hissing because an Arsenal manager is getting some flak. He really does need to get over it, I've had years of it. The chip on his shoulder is he detests people who supported Wenger. Oh well, his choice eh. It's no coincidence that on several other Gooner sites. The new manager isn't as popular as some see. Personally, I believe we'll get a hatful at Cardiff this weekend. Good old Arsenal.

  75. markymark

    Aug 30, 2018, 12:51 #111969

    Tbh Gooner Ron most of your more tactical/ technical / player review stuff is in my opinion pretty bang on. I think like Exeter I was a little surprised you entered into banter wars which is what you do by trying to chase down someone you do by agree with. I genuinely think it is too early anyway at this point with two further windows required and then we can perhaps start pushing Wenger back up n the background. To Summarise Baddie looks like you’ve still got no mates Going to the pine box a broken and lonely man. Tooaw - so you are are agreeing that you would like Allardyce ? Interesting , very interesting

  76. GoonerRon

    Aug 30, 2018, 12:32 #111968

    @ Exeter - like I said, I’d prefer not to be associated with any ‘gang’ on here.

  77. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 12:07 #111967

    Gooner Ron - if you consistently go after one poster, you are also engaging in written warfare. I'm just curious - mbg's anti-Wenger negativity is focusing the past, as you put it. Sorearse and Today are negative about the present. As someone who wishes to focus on the here and now, surely it logically follows that their comments are even more worthy of your opprobrium? Personally I wouldn't be letting anyone else state I like another poster's comments go without saying for myself whether this is true or not, but that's what you're currently doing with Badarse's "Gooner Ron likes TOOAW's comments". You're allowing yourself to be associated with their anti-new era agenda, which it's clear from your comments you position yourself at the opposite end of the spectrum, so I wonder why you would let them do this.

  78. GoonerRon

    Aug 30, 2018, 11:45 #111966

    @ Exeter - my GET OVER IT lines to mbg are slightly facetious, my previous post highlights my views on it in a more serious way. As for comments from Badarse / TOOAW - having read a lot of of the written warfare on here I’d prefer not to be in any gang quite frankly.

  79. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 11:13 #111965

    Gooner Ron, I think that's the difference - I pick apart the arrant nonsense we get from Trollarse and Toady, whilst you're basically shouting STOP IT STOP IT at mbg over and over again. And again I'll ask, do you feel from their comments that Trollarse and Toady are "enjoying all the new stuff that is happening" and are you happy for them to try and include you in their little gang?

  80. GoonerRon

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:58 #111964

    @ Exeter - Whether positive or negative comments about Wenger, I don’t see why he needs to be mentioned in virtually every post, that’s all. As I’ve said, mbg’s key focus is hatred for Wenger and he continues to push that agenda as a priority rather than parking that particular obsession and enjoying all the new stuff that is happening. Obviously, everyone is free to post as they wish but that doesn’t mean I have to sit and read the same boring, negative stuff and not comment, much the same as you picking apart most posts from others on here.

  81. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:56 #111963

    I think comments like "Arsene never lost his opening 2 games" "Arsene should've stayed one more year" "I don't think Unai is up to the job" "Arsene was given no time" "I am fearful" betray just how hurt the two hardcore AKBs on here are. Gooner Ron puts the club first and dislikes any negativity, so I wonder how he feels about these two trying to co-opt him into their little world of negativity about the new era. Badarse even said "Gooner Ron likes TOOAW's comments". Care to clarify, Gooner Ron?

  82. TOOAW

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:32 #111962

    No hurt from moi Eggman. Arsene was the greatest Arsenal manager ever. Quite simple really. I’m guessing that it hurts you to even read it eh fella. JJ has wiped out the last 17 years of the Wenger reign and claims to be a gooner. Idiotic, I’d say. Peter Wain..... you may be onto something there.

  83. peter wain

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:17 #111961

    the only problem is that the current purchases are totally underwhelming. Only one is in the first team and he was poor against West Ham. Also the new managers tactics are laughable with the squad we have. I am not sorry Wenger has gone but I think the replacement is struggling and out of his depth. Allardyce by Christmas the only answer.

  84. jjetplane

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:10 #111960

    Curryarse says he cannot deal with 'disruptions' and thinks Arsenal have it all wrong getting in Unai and yet every post he makes has that one aim which is to disrupt. Silly man. Talking of disruption reckon the last ummmm 17 years have been a serious disruption in the history of AFC. Not mentioning names but think it was that French bloke wot Gooner Ron would rather not hear about. As many have rightly said his presence will be around for some time until Unai scrubs out the last bit and we can then think of Arsenal again as a football club and not a bouncy castle outfit.

  85. Bard

    Aug 30, 2018, 10:06 #111959

    John F, thanks for the correction. My source didn't mention the loan but happy to be corrected.

  86. Exeter Ex

    Aug 30, 2018, 09:57 #111958

    I was writing in reference to the article, the second part a parody of GR as presumably he'd apply the same sentiment to this article, as it mentions Wenger's failings. Any article or comment looking at why the club is where it is now is going to reference Wenger's failings, I'm afraid. He left 3 months ago after 22 years. mbg has put some 'positive' comments out there as well, 'a new fresh manager, 'c'mon Unai' etc. As you can't control his output no matter how many times you implore him, I'd suggest what GR and others of a similar inclination should focus on is letting go of the hurt feelings it gives them to read criticism of Wenger. His shadow looms large over the club and he's going to come up for a long time to come.

  87. Badarse

    Aug 30, 2018, 09:55 #111957

    He had searched for his pain au raison d'etre and found it under the picture of Arsene Wenger on his table. He moved the bald eggs and Cheesy Dips to one side and they fell on the floor. Was he a trollarse? It was not true surely? He knew that a number on the site preferred bottoms to tops, why they even wanted Arsenal to lose in order to satisfy their clamour to descend lower. Some couldn't descend any lower no matter how hard they tried. Some were obsessed with spanking bottoms, others with blowing smoke up bottoms. It perplexed him. So much frothing and twisted realities from such a poor selection of humanity. So did he figure it out? He could, as a figures man. Why once he'd been constipated and worked it out with a pencil. Oh dear, we were back to bottoms again. Possibly the rabble had infected him. He must strive to put it behind him. There's that bottom thing again. Oh well, he decided to put the kettle on. That is a far, far better thing I do than I have done since yesterday.

  88. RobG

    Aug 30, 2018, 09:24 #111956

    It's not that we haven't tried to improve. We obviously have. It's just that those around us have - often thanks to artificially applied finance - improved further and quicker. Since the 1930s, we have won a title in every decade bar the 1960s. That record goes next year, if we don't win it. And let's face it - we won't. The question then is - Can we win the title at all in the 2020s ?

  89. GoonerRon

    Aug 30, 2018, 08:45 #111954

    @ Marky - of course it was aimed at me, and I can live with that. As I said on the other post, after 5 years of hearing the same thing from mbg’s every post I was hoping for some positivity after Wenger left and the new guy came in. It’s not about absolving Wenger of any blame for his failings, but that has absolutely been done to death (and more) already so I’d prefer to focus my energy on supporting Emery and our way forward as a club. We’re all well aware of mbg’s anti-Wenger sentiment, which by the end was shared to some degree by virtually every poster on here, yet most have decided to focus on the future rather than dragging it back to Wenger at every opportunity. His hatred for Wenger outweighs his love for Arsenal (well certainly the thrust of his posts gives that impresssion) which is a shame in this new era we’ve entered.

  90. Seven Kings Gooner 1

    Aug 30, 2018, 07:53 #111953

    In 2009, not going for Alonso and the away defeat at Stoke that year are real red letter days for me regarding Arsenal. We now cannot compete financially with the top three teams with the Spuds soon to overtake us, so Sven will need to find some real talent if we are to compete. However the 300K being paid per week to our "midfield enforcer" is Emery's first priority. MBG, you can keep banging on as long as you like regarding AW.

  91. markymark

    Aug 30, 2018, 06:50 #111951

    Gooner Ron I obviously didn’t write that comment but my take on it is that its aimed at you. The constant drumbeat of MBG’s comments are not some sudden upset. They are a statement he believes intently in. We, meaning those who for multiple years wanted Wenger out are very aware of sudden converts to the new order conveniently brushing Wenger out. If you spotted your two biggest cheerleaders were Totally Obsessed Over Arsene Wenger (troll) and Badarse who constantly asked for contract extensions. Both apparently no longer care a jot about Wenger , really ! We all know they are looking to blame Emery for everything from day one. Tooaw was too obvious in this from Match one so is trying and failing to act more nuanced. The irony is he appears fickle which is what he wrongly accused the WOB of being . Badarse is lost , he’s lost all his mates and so flips from idiot posting to long winded aggressive tantrums. Whether Unai is ultimately a success or failure you are looking at 2-3 windows to sort out this mess. 18 months of MBG pointing the finger at Wenger is about right. After that other forces will emerge or come into play.

  92. GoonerRon

    Aug 30, 2018, 06:47 #111950

    @ mbg - thanks for the pointer but I’d figured that one out for myself.

  93. mbg

    Aug 29, 2018, 21:54 #111948

    GoonerRon, your the one who always uses, says, He isn't our manager anymore let it go, maybe it's aimed at you.

  94. mbg

    Aug 29, 2018, 21:38 #111947

    And if after two, three, even four seasons it doesn't work out for Mislintat and Unai I bet they'll have made a fooking better fist of it, and leave us in a better place than wenger did.

  95. GoonerRon

    Aug 29, 2018, 21:32 #111946

    Saves me typing it again - thanks Exeter.

  96. John F

    Aug 29, 2018, 18:46 #111945

    Bard i read that Nelson to Hoffenhelm is a season long loan deal.Mavropanos and Guendouzi do look to be very good along with Smith Rowe,Eddie,Nelson and Maitland Niles and With Freddie being brought in behind the scenes the future could indeed look bright.The only black Mark for this new team is the decision to award Ozil his mammoth contract leaving Arsenal stuck with him.

  97. Exeter Ex

    Aug 29, 2018, 15:28 #111943

    Oh dear you mentioned Wenger... HE ISN'T OUR MANAGER ANYMORE, YOU HAVE TO LET IT GO. You really should stop pointing out how his failings led to where the club is now, it hurts certain poster's feelings.

  98. Bard

    Aug 29, 2018, 15:05 #111941

    Very funny mbg. Kev a very good article. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but its clear that the club has paid a massive price for the sycophantic embrace of Wenger. A decade of missed opportunities that has resulted in the club being exactly where it was before the move to the new stadium. Project youth was never a reality more myth but nevertheless people bought into it. Chaotic transfer dealings, dithering over small amounts culminating in the embarrassing saga of the Suarez bid. He wasn't a bad manager by any means far from it but he needed reining in and his power held to account. Neither of those things happened and we are where we are. I totally agree its Mislintat's head that is now on the block. Thankfully no future Arsenal manager will ever have the power to control the club the way Wenger did. By there way anyone notice 'one for future' Reiss Nelson has or is signing for Hoffenheim. Also guys check out Private Eye, there is a bit about Stan and his purchase of Arsenal and speculation about what he is going to do with borrowings he made which come up for settlement 2021, maybe lump them onto Arsenals debt ?

  99. mbg

    Aug 29, 2018, 14:54 #111940

    Another good heading would have been, what was once wengers project is now Mislintat's mess.