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Are these images the real deal for next season's Adidas kits?

The Gooner Podcast number 170 is now online

Recorded: Tuesday 8th January 2019

Topics Include -
With one point from the last three Premier League away games, are the wheels coming off?
Is Unai doing any better than Arsene?
Aaron Ramsey’s role in the current team.
Are the club really so broke?
Why are the club trying to recruit Edu?
The leaked pictures of next season’s Adidas kits.
Calum Chambers.
Mesut Ozil.
Possible defensive recruitments.
Bernd Leno.
Should the club sign another striker?
Should the Europa League be prioritized?
Unai Emery’s press conferences.
Memories of Arsenal v Man Utd in the FA Cup

Layth Yousif Twitter@laythy29 
Mike Francis Twitter@MikeFrancis04
David Oudot Twitter@DavidOudot
Host: Kevin Whitcher Twitter@KevinWhitcher01

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  1. KC38

    Jan 12, 2019, 19:49 #112890

    I appreciate Emery requires time but his selection of Xhaka is beyond understanding. How many goals must he be responsible for, how many games where he offers nothing. Many were poor today but Xhaka is a liability week after week what a waste of money by wenger but sadly Emery cannot see it or won't change it. This selection makes me concerned that Emery has no clue defensively just like wenger.

  2. KC38

    Jan 12, 2019, 19:40 #112889

    Unless there is a massive turnaround in policy this club is finished as a top club. We spent years and years in the champions league a 60k stadium and here we are unable to buy a player. You can't expect season ticket holders to pay excessive prices with no hope of challenging. Its sad but we have been left with the very worse type of owner who could destroy us, great work by hillwood and his cronies. In saying that if Emery allows his team to play as they did today then you won't win matches, today's match was not about money it was about management and players all were guilty of utter utter crap.

  3. John F

    Jan 12, 2019, 09:08 #112885

    Mark I would add Cahill to the list.I remember the offer for him was so low that the Bolton chairman laughed and he went to Chelsea for a bargain 7mil.

  4. markymark

    Jan 12, 2019, 07:59 #112884

    John F - I think you’re right in that the visit really was the catalyst . As I’ve gone on about before Ivan’s key money by / prudent riff . Which was actually financial cowardice absolutely stuffed us. Saurez , Higuain, Alonso and I gather Griezmann all missed out on for a sake of a million or old Wengers inability to come to a decision. Probably a £100m asset lift right there. Then the ridiculous leaving of contract post cup final and in Sanchez’s and Ozil’s 2nd year. A complete bunch of clowns supported on by Wenger Boys. Now all of that is stripped bare . It was probably Unai’s willingness to slow build a project got him the job. As for AC Milan god knows what they’ve let themselves in for with Ivan. Ps who picked Ivan, oh yes Arsene Wenger. Nuff said!

  5. John F

    Jan 11, 2019, 22:58 #112883

    Mgb ,if you go on other sites there are people who believe that Emery should of stayed loyal to the club line as Wenger did and not mentioned the financial situation.The cult of Wenger is still alive and kicking and they just cannot wait for Dick to mess up.

  6. mbg

    Jan 11, 2019, 21:25 #112882

    John F, yes clear mismanagement and we all know who was running the show for the last fourteen years, everything bad that has come to light since he was shown the door points back to him, so much for leaving the club in a good position what club was he refering to i wonder, his golf club ? or his mens club, a bigger fraud now than he ever was.

  7. mbg

    Jan 11, 2019, 20:34 #112881

    Reading today where a club spokesman said Unai is likely to keep his powder dry until the summer where there will be more money and better players available. Yes that bloody powder dry statement yet again, obviously that yes man hasn't lost his job like all the other wenger yes men and cronies.

  8. Bard

    Jan 11, 2019, 18:15 #112879

    Well at least we have answered the question of why Gazidis jumped ship. The financial mess he left would have caused a proper rumpus. It is a truly staggering level of financial mismanagement. Forget what kind of players we can bring in, it will take 3 seasons to sort out the financial mess. Wonder if Dick was aware of the scale of the mess.

  9. Paulo75

    Jan 11, 2019, 18:02 #112878

    Don't have a big problem with the "loan deals only" policy in what is a difficult, often desperate January transfer window. As already mentioned we are in a position of having to deconstruct a mess left from the previous Wenger / Gazidis mismanagement of the playing side. We are top heavy with players earning huge wages who are not up to the desired standard or are past their best - Cech, Lichsteiner, Mustafi, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Elneny, Xhaka, Welbeck to name but a few. IF we can get these off the wage bill gradually over the next six months we can regroup and have a proper crack at the summer window. In the meantime Emery has the (unenviable) task of trying to get the best out of what we have. Man Its and Chelsea are not great shakes just now either so hopefully we can get CL football through the 4th placed avenue or somehow winning the Europa League. Not a great position to be in admittedly but 10 plus years of rewarding failure is coming home to roost.

  10. John F

    Jan 11, 2019, 10:55 #112875

    I have a theory that when Jnr Wiggy came over last year and saw the scale of the financial mis management ie,Ozil contract,Sanchez non summer sale,Assano,Ramsey,Welbeck,Wilshire,contracts being allowed to run,Debuchy saga,Gnarby being sold for peanuts,Contracts such as Jenkinsons 2mil a year for 5 years deal,buying crap like Mustafi for 35mil, he told Wenger and the snake oil salesman to save you the indignity of being sacked you need to resign or move on soon.

  11. John F

    Jan 10, 2019, 18:02 #112871

    What will be interesting is what will happen in the summer with Cech,Litch,Ramsey,Welbeck and Kos off the books our wage bill will be reduced and with new sponsorship coming in it should put us well within the UEFA rules on wages.It is then we will know the true ambition of the club and the hands off management style/hands on money owner.I suspect we all know the answer.

  12. mad max

    Jan 10, 2019, 17:39 #112869

    it's time to revolt and get Kroenke out of our club, no money to buy players, we are no longer a big club, bracewll-smith and all the others who sold their shares to the yank hang your heads in shame, there used to be a football club at N.5, don't think emery will be around too long if this continues. sad times for a once great football club

  13. John F

    Jan 10, 2019, 17:28 #112867

    Well we finally have a bit of honesty from a manager who looked frustrated that we have no money to spend on players this window.Probably as a result of the mismanagement of contracts by the past manager who still claims to have left us in a strong position and a distant non interested owner who is bleeding our club dry.We are being out spent by Bournemouth. This is us competing with Bayern Munich as the snake oil sales man claimed.What a joke !

  14. mbg

    Jan 10, 2019, 13:41 #112865

    Of course he's doing better than wenger, when was the last time wenger went on a 20 game unbeaten run, yet Unai did it (yes some games were fortunate but how many of wengers wins were too) and he's only here a matter of months. I like the kits especially the away one, it reminds me of my favourite of all time the chevron shirt.