How Arsenal Players Spend Their Downtime

What do Unai Emery’s squad get up to with all that time off?

How Arsenal Players Spend Their Downtime

Was Mesut Ozil's obsession with playing Fortnite responsible for his back injury?

Modern football players are able to earn huge weekly salaries, owing to the increasingly global nature of TV football coverage. Current star players at top clubs with millions of supporters globally - like Arsenal - get to take home weekly wages that are quite jaw - dropping. This leads one to wonder what they do with all that money during their free time. Well, while some of them spend their hard - earned money on lavish items, destinations, and experiences; you'll be surprised to learn that some of them have hobbies that are quite normal. Ever wanted to know what Ozil, Lacazette, Koscielny, and other Gunners stars like to do when they're not sweating it out on a football pitch? Below, we've compiled a list of some Arsenal stars and how they spend their downtime.

Nacho Monreal – Gambling
While there are restrictions enforced by the Football Association (FA) banning Premier League players from placing bets on professional football matches; betting in other sports, as well as partaking in other types of gambling - whether online or physical - is totally allowed. A number of Arsenal players - for instance - have in the past been spotted spending their free time at casinos. In 2018, Nacho Monreal, was even spotted leaving a London Casino with three other Arsenal teammates. It wouldn't, then, be difficult to imagine Monreal spending his free time playing live online casino games, and he would also most likely have his own sbobet agent to assist him when he needs it. Such online casino games simulate physical casino gaming, making them just as thrilling.

Petr Cech - Playing Drums
The Arsenal goalkeeper is a proud drummer off the pitch. The Czech international apparently discovered his hidden drumming talents while playing 'Rock Band', a PlayStation game that simulates a live rock band drumming set. This triggered his desire to learn more, leading to Cech buying an electric drumkit to further explore his passion for playing drums. Being as he plays in the goalkeeper position, Cech has been quoted as saying that the hand - eye coordination skills that are crucial in playing drums are the same skills needed to be a good goalkeeper. The lanky keeper thus gets to improve on his skill set, while still enjoying himself at the same time.

Granit Xhaka - Watching Tennis
The Gunners midfield anchor and Swiss international is an avid tennis fan off the pitch and loves to watch the sport on TV. He's not afraid to display his love for tennis to the whole world either. In 2017, for instance, when fellow Swiss and tennis great - Roger Federer - won his 18th Grand Slam title; Xhaka posted an Instagram video of him and two other Arsenal teammates celebrating the victory, and captioned it with a congratulatory message to Federer.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan - Playing Chess
'Miki' is a keen chess player. He's even admitted to spending up to three hours a day playing the popular board game on online gaming platforms. This, however, doesn't mean that the diminutive attacking midfielder would fancy a chess match against a professional chess player. When asked whether he'd one day like to play a game of chess against fellow Armenian and renowned chess player - Levon Aronian - Mkhitaryan reluctantly said that it was worth a shot; adding that it would be really difficult to keep the chess legend at bay for long.

Alexandre Lacazette - Playing 'EA Sports FIFA' Video Game
The pacy French striker is a frequent FIFA gamer when he's at home, relaxing with friends and family. He was even one of the Premier League stars in attendance at the FIFA 18 launch in London. He also uploaded his tongue - in - cheek disapproval video of the ratings that the game's creators gave him, specifically noting that his pace statistics should've been higher, before jokingly tossing his rating card in a bin.

Mesut Ozil - Playing 'Fortnite' Video Game
Just like fellow footballers Antoine Griezzman and Dele Alli, Mesut Ozil is also a regular Fortnite gamer. In fact, the midfield ace's love for the popular video game has been such a frequent sports media talking point, to the point of critics labeling it as the contributing factor to Ozil's back injury issues in late 2018. While it remains to be seen whether Ozil is really addicted to the game and should lay back from it, or whether these are just senseless allegations; what's become obvious time and time again is his love for the video game. This became quite apparent - yet again - when he announced that he'd set up a Twitch account. The platform enables gamers to stream their game progress as they play, attracting huge audiences for mission - based games like 'Fortnite'. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to deduce that Ozil was planning to use his account to stream his 'Fortnite' game - play.

Matteo Guendouzi – Partying
This former Lorient player is widely perceived as quite the extroverted character. While these perceptions are most likely shaped by Guendouzi's trademark Afro hairstyle and confident demeanor, the 'extrovert' tag isn't quite off the mark. The 20 - year old Frenchman seems to love the nightlife and the thrills that come with it. This - perhaps - doesn't come as a surprise to many, due to the young midfielder's Parisian origins. He's reportedly been urged by club officials to watch his partying; as he seems to take it to extremes at times. Take - for instance - the case in late 2018, where he was pictured passed out after he and a few other Arsenal teammates had inhaled laughing gas at a London nightclub.

Laurent Koscielny - Playing Board Games
Koscielny has always had a rather calm demeanor, which can lead to him being perceived by some as boring. His love for board games hasn't helped to turn around this misinformed perception of him, either. He's been quoted as saying that his younger teammates even jokingly refer to him as 'granddad', owing to his penchant for the popular board game - Scrabble. The seasoned defender doesn't seem to mind the tag, though; as he notes that card games and board games - like scrabble - have accorded him far more enjoyable bonding experiences with his teammates in the past than video games ever would.

The rest of the Arsenal squad members also have certain interesting hobbies, most notably, Pierre - Emerick Aubameyang's love for luxury sports automobiles. The Gabonese striker even owns a sleek - looking Lamborghini. While some of these hobbies - like Aubameyang's - may not come cheap, what's obvious is that Arsenal players' hobbies are as diverse as their football talents.


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  1. OneBardGooner

    May 31, 2019, 11:56 #113976

    I thought Ozil spent his Downtime wandering about on the pitch for 90 minutes.

  2. Radfordkennedy

    May 29, 2019, 12:52 #113913

    A 20 year old earning wedges likes to enjoy himself partying!!...who wrote this tosh?