Free Current Season Gooner Subscription Courtesy of FansBet!

Receive six issues including the new edition with the 2020 History of The Arsenal Crest Calendar

Free Current Season Gooner Subscription Courtesy of FansBet!

Front and back cover of new issue, calendar and July/August pages

Ok, so first up, the new issue of The Gooner goes on sale outside the stadium before the Chelsea match tomorrow. You can buy it from one of five places. The ever-reliable Alex will be on Gillespie Road as you head to the ground from Arsenal tube station. Those of you heading from the Holloway Road or passing the Two Cannons / Bear Roundabout (outside the Armoury) can buy it from Rich in his red seller’s jacket just by the Little Wonder cafe. And from approx 12.15, you can buy it from the photo stall opposite Highbury House in Drayton Park, the MatchDay shop in Hornsey Road, and a first day of sale only spot just before the railway bridge in Hornsey Road as you come from the direction of the Tollington Pub.

Details of the issue’s contents can be found here, but as with every edition at this time of year, we also include a free Gooner Calendar, the 2020 version focusing on the History of the Arsenal Crest. If you just want to buy the calendar, extra copies are available here for £1 plus postage – and if you are not attending the match, you can get a copy of the calendar free if you buy the latest issue to be sent to you in the post.

There is another way to get not only the current issue and the calendar, but also the three previous issues already published this season, as well as the two remaining editions. You don’t have to pay us anything (hence it is free from us), but you do have to register with FansBet, make a deposit of £10 and use it on a bet (offer applies to UK addresses only).

The story behind this is that our partners FansBet stepped in when it was getting very touch and go for us to reach our target of 1,000 advance subscribers for the 2019/20 season back last spring. As our deadline neared and we were a little short of the required 1,000, out of the blue FansBet offered to buy 50 subscriptions for promo purposes to help us over the line.

And now we are offering out the free promo subscriptions, paid for by FansBet. Those who wish to take advantage of this offer need to:
1 – Sign up with FansBet through this link
2 - Deposit £10 into your new Fansbet account (FansBet will also add £10 of their own for you to use on a bet)
3 - Place a bet with your £10.
4 – Let us know that you have done the above by emailing with your name and address, using the subject line ‘FansBet promo’.
We will confirm your registration, deposit and bet with FansBet and once that’s done, send you the new issue with the calendar, as well as the three previously published this season (including plenty of nostalgic articles, so still very much worth a read). In February and April you will receive the remaining two editions for this season.

NB – If you have already registered for an account with FansBet with The Gooner as your chosen 'cause', this offer is also open to you if you make a fresh deposit of £10 into your account, place it on a bet and email us as above. The promo is also open to existing subscribers who might wish for someone they know to receive this season’s Gooners.

If you win on your bet, happy days all round. Even if you lose, not only do you get the 2019/20 set of The Gooner issues, but the fanzine benefits as half of all profits made from your betting by FansBet go to helping The Gooner to continue printing (and being able to afford, for example, to print our annual calendar, for which is a giveaway with the issue for our readers).

There are a total of 50 promo 2019/20 season subscriptions to give away (a reminder that this in only for copies to be sent to a UK address) and once all 50 have been claimed, we will update this article with a paragraph below - so if you are not doing this in the next 24 hours, best check back if you only wish to place a bet to claim the free subscription.

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