ROSIE TUDBALL COLUMN: Strange times but I’m overjoyed at Arsenal’s Premier League return as I missed my Gunners

Arsenal addict Rosie Tudball has missed the Gunners during lockdown and can’t wait for the return of Mikel Arteta and his squad as she shares her views on Aubameyang, Saka, the Belarusian league and Manchester City at the Etihad

ROSIE TUDBALL COLUMN: Strange times but I’m overjoyed at Arsenal’s Premier League return as I missed my Gunners

Our Gooner Fanzine columnist Rosie Tudball is feeling optimistic about Arsenal's match at the Etihad against Manchester City. Are you? CREDIT: OFFSIDE

Football is being revived after its stint away due to Covid-19 and speaking on behalf of millions of others, I am overjoyed. 

Despite dipping into pools of stupidity at times, scientists have flirted with the idea that humans are the most adaptable species on the planet. This statement has been put to the test over the past few months as the coronavirus pandemic well and truly left us all stunned. 

It’s been a strange time for everyone however it seems the human race can adapt to most things, however from what I’ve seen coming to terms with life without live football is not something everyone can overcome. 

Belarusian first division football was enjoyable, but nothing beats watching The Arsenal

I’d go as far as saying I’ve been yearning for football – particularly over the last month – sure the impulsive interest of the Belarusian first division was enjoyable, but nothing beats watching The Arsenal. 

Whether it be sharing controversial football opinions, to moaning about the sport in general, I’ve missed it all. 

Despite all the change in the world this year, some things will always remain the same and that is Arsenal’s late negotiations when it comes to the contracts of the better players amongst the squad. 

Aubameyang's future

Talks regarding Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s future at the club seemed to have begun. The Gabon international is currently under contract in north London until next summer, however it would be assumed that the striker and Arsenal are struggling to come to a conclusion over a potential renewal. 

For me, keeping Aubameyang on for the remainder of his career is essential, his goalscoring record for Arsenal has been nothing short of impeccable – I don’t think a player of his talent and experience is replaceable in this market. 

Mikel Arteta has shared his optimism over Aubameyang’s contract, however as a lifelong supporter of Arsenal, I’ll share the Spaniard’s positivity when pen hits paper. 

Saka's soon to sign - we hope

On a lighter note, contract talks are reportedly stronger with Bukayo Saka who looks close to renewing his deal with the Gunners. 

The 18-year-old has shone for Arsenal this season and seeing him continue to excel in our colours would be refreshing considering the club’s recent distance from the academy over the past few years. 

It’s not just the case of nailing down home grown talent, but also furthering the potential of Saka who in my opinion can become a real golden boy if he is allowed to venture in more advanced positions.

We’ve seen Saka predominantly as an advancing left-back this season, however with Kieran Tierney in the balance to return to the first team I would love to see Saka used as a winger – the position he favours. 

While speculation will continue to flutter around as the season gets back up and running, main focus for all fans will be the actual football. 

Feeling optimisitic about Arsenal's match at the Etihad

For some reason I am optimistic ahead of the opening fixture against Manchester City. With limited press ahead of the game and little attention on what’s going on in training, it’s a ‘who wants it more’ kind of game as form goes out of the window following what has been one of the most unique situations in world football. 

We’ll soon see the outcome as the Premier League finally returns tomorrow as Pep Guardiola’s garlanded intern returns to Manchester. 

Follow Rosie on Twitter @rosietudba11 

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