How Football Clubs are Helping the Online Casino Industry

How Football Clubs are Helping the Online Casino Industry

How Football Clubs are Helping the Online Casino Industry

Football teams often get a large portion of their annual revenue from sponsorships.

Over the last decade or so, online gaming companies have risen to become a big contributor to these football clubs.

The current market surrounding the online gaming industry is expansive, but these companies are always looking for more growth. 

So far, it seems like the partnerships between these football clubs and online gaming companies has been a mutually beneficial endeavour.

According to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the online gaming sector saw an overall increase of 20% between 2018 and 2019 as more people choose to skip the brick and mortar locations and instead explore entertaining online casino games. This puts online gaming companies in a great position to capitalize. The industry is very healthy, and there is a clear crossover between those that enjoy gaming and football already. 

As more online platforms offer options for sports betting as well, the combination of the football and online casino industries will become even stronger as football fans love betting on their favorite teams. Let's look at the factors that surround these unique partnerships.  

The Football Industry 

As you can expect, the football industry in the United Kingdom is massive and each club is known to generate millions of euros in revenue every season. Between football merchandise like balls and apparel, home game ticket sales, broadcasting deals and promotional deals, football clubs have multiple ways to bring in value. You can imagine that this is an enticing industry for investors and marketers, and there are many people looking to break into the exciting world of professional sports.

Another big factor is the demographics of the fans. While some sports may appeal more to a younger fan base, or people from certain cultures, football is a sport that appeals to all.

Almost every country has their own teams and legions of dedicated fans. For companies that are looking to promote, what could be better than an industry with this kind of widespread appeal? 

The Online Casino Industry

While gaming and casinos have a certain recognizable aesthetic and effect, the days of traditional brick and mortar casinos are quickly fading. More and more often, patrons are choosing to utilize their high-powered smartphones and high-speed internet connections to play in the comfort of their own homes instead of the iconic casino floors. The online gaming industry has exploded in recent years.

To help with this, online gaming platforms are teaming up with many different industries to help promote. While on the surface it may seem like an unlikely combination, the online casino industry and the football world are already well intertwined. 

How Do Football Clubs Benefit?

While football clubs have multiple streams of revenue, the sponsorship deals are some of the most important. Everything has to be right for the overall brand image of the club. Football clubs benefit by receiving lucrative sponsorship deals that can aid them in making their club better in numerous ways.

This creates extra capital for acquiring new players, as well as stadium upkeep and bringing new fans into the fold. While there may be other businesses and industries to consider, online gaming companies are known for their willingness to contribute big figures to these clubs. 

How Do Online Casinos Benefit?

On the other hand, online casino and gaming platforms have much more to gain with these sponsorship deals. A winning football team is covered immensely by the media, and seeing these elite players in magazines and television advertisements while they are wearing a company’s logo is incredible marketing for the business.

This generates a lot of online traffic and interest in these companies, and overall this is a mutually beneficial combination for these industries. 

Current Teams With Gaming Sponsorships


The Everton football club teamed up with African gaming company SportPesa in 2017 for a 5-year sponsorship deal that runs until 2022. This deal includes advertising on the front of the football player’s shirts. 

Newcastle United:

In 2017, Newcastle announced a new 3-year sponsorship deal with the Asian company Fun88. The sponsorship deal was called “the biggest in the club’s history.”  

Stoke City:

Stoke City is currently partnered with Bet365 on a deal that has been running since 2012.

West Ham:

West Ham has a sponsorship commitment worked out with the popular gaming company Betway that includes showcasing their logo on the West Ham football shirts. The deal was first agreed upon in 2015 and reportedly nets West Ham £10 million a year. 

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