Getcha Gooner! New issue out for Arsenal vs Manchester United

Getcha Gooner! The new issue of the No1 voice of Arsenal supporters is out now

Getcha Gooner!  New issue out for Arsenal vs Manchester United


The new issue of the Gooner is out now!

After a heroic effort from each and every one of our brilliant writers, illustrators, designers, production team, printers and mailing team, issue 286 hits the streets. Well, with no fans to sell to, hits the doormats of all our wonderful subscribers.

We hope you enjoy reading our latest effort, we are adamant you won’t find a better collection of Arsenal writers and writing on the club in one place in print anywhere on the planet.

(This is the Friday newsletter that goes out to tens of thousands of Arsenal supporters, If you would like to sign up to receive our weekly GetchaGooner newsletter details are at the bottom of this article).



When I took over as Gooner Editor from the legendary Kev Whitcher I had planned to hold a launch party for every issue. 

Where subscribers could meet and mingle with our all writers at a boozer in north London and talk all things Arsenal. Either the night before an Arsenal match or the evening after an afternoon game - with free booze all night from yours truly and maybe even a bag of crisps if you were lucky.

Covid put paid to that of course, along with a million other things, although if we survive I would certainly like to do that for next season, when we’re allowed to socialise once again (we can but live in hope).

So, for this issue, our third of the season, we’ll have to have a virtual launch party to meet our contributors on this newsletter instead... 




MEET THE CONTRIBUTORS AT OUR VIRTUAL LAUNCH PARTY* (*Disclaimer: It’s not a real party, it’s only imaginary)

So, in the cool corner looking effortlessly nonchalant are Nils Ekenbergand Carl Bourke, our incredibly talented creatives, whose stunning work adorns the front and back pages of our new issue. There’s also a piece on Nils inside as part of a new series where I want to highlight the incredible creative work that’s currently being made digitally by so many Gooners out there.

See our next issue for a piece on Carl with hopefully more work from both. Also in the cool corner would be our resident illustrator Michael Murphy, playing on his phone after recently getting on social media (We love the fact you now have a Twitter and Insta account mate!)


In the VIP corner of our virtual launch party is Gooner royalty Jill Armstrong. Read more about her wonderful father and Arsenal legend Geordie Armstrong during my chat with her on page five.

I imagine Jill would be accompanied by the wonderful gentleman that is David Fensome, whose nostalgia pieces are a must-read, including this issue’s feature piece from him on Liam Brady. Another wonderful chap in our VIP section would be Peter Le Beau whose back to the future preview articles are fast becoming a firm favourite. 

Malina Birch would also be in our virtual VIP section, regaling the party with tales of hitch-hiking through Georgia to get to Baku for the Europa League final. More of which you can actually read in our new print issue. 

Making up the VIP party at our virtual launch would be the peerless Arsenal stats man Orbinho, whose in-depth analysis piece adorns our centre pages.

On the inside back of our issue is the latest of our Star Sub series where we highlight a loyal fan and subscriber. For this issue we have the one and only Keith Martin- so he can be Jill’s minder for our virtual launch party. 


Taking photos at our virtual do would be Mark Leech, one of the best snappers in the UK, a huge Arsenal supporter and a top, top bloke to boot. See his Freeze Frame piece on a moment in Arsenal history.

You can also buy his outstanding pics, including his iconic image of Tony Adams from the Benfica game at Highbury in 1991. 

We’re delighted at the reaction to our star columnists this season, Harry Symeou, Dan Mountney and Dave Seager, who, I imagine, would be at the pool table in our virtual launch party, while author and historian Jon Spurling would be playing darts with Steve Pye– who has an evocative Rewind piece on Charlie Nicholas’ brace against Wolves the week after his debut in the summer of 83. 

Sat playing dominoes at our virtual launch party for the new issue of the Gooner would be Kev, Bernard Dowling, Charlie Ashmore and Simon Rose along with David Oudot– all of who have superb pieces in our current issue. 

Having a crafty cigarette out the back would be Alistair Coleman, along with our other reprobates, Highbury Spy, Mickey Cannon and Mike the Gooner. While our online columnist Alan Alger – whose work we’re now featuring in print as well – would be on the jukebox. 


Ben Welch, whose insightful interview with Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn is a must-read, would be around the TV at our virtual launch party, watching a game from Portugal in the hope of gleaning a nugget or two about Benfica, with Next Gen, Highbury Librarian and Adam Millington, along with Lady Akersley, whose piece ‘One of our own’ is a thoughtful-provoking read.

Our brilliant designer Serge Braga-Mullin would also be there. Not least because he can actually speak Portuguese and could translate what the commentator says. 

Who else would be at our virtual launch party? Jon Blair and Tim Cooper would be at the bar. Read pages 40 and 41 for Jon and pages 54 and 55 for Tim’s efforts. We’re hoping both will be regular contributors from now on. Once you read their articles we think you’ll be wanting more of them too.  

And the editor you ask? Where would he be? Well, I think I’d simply be watching it all, knackered but delighted, pint in my hand, happy that we can showcase the work of so many talented and intelligent Arsenal supporters in print at the Gooner Fanzine.

Oh well, we can dream of such a night. Here’s to next season in making it come true hopefully. In the meantime, a massive thank you to everyone for their hard work in making it happen. And to all our subscribers for keeping the Gooner Fanzine going through some tough times. As Mickey Cannon said, if you can, don’t just buy a copy, get your mate who hasn’t bought one in a while to as well. 




Hands up who’s excited by Arsenal’s new arrival? We are at Gooner Towers. Nacho Monreal hailed him this week and that’s good enough for us.

Here’s Ciaran McCloughlin’s excellent piece on our new loan signing as he analyses the ways the Real Madrid loanee can boost the team 



I was lucky enough to cover Arsenal’s excellent 3-1 victory over Southampton at a rain lashed St Mary’s earlier this week. Read my match report here. 

And here's my weekly column as I focus on Arsenal vs Manchester United by recalling the past



I’m never happier than talking about sport, football and the Arsenal, so I was delighted to appear on a talented young lad’s podcast. Remember the name Freddie Cardy, he’ll be a brilliant broadcaster one day.

In the meantime here’s my chat with him. Give it a listen and help boost his numbers. Cheers


Arsenal vs Manchester United? Bring it on



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