Calling Arsenal supporters who live in Islington!

French journalist Thomas Andrei would like to interview Arsenal supporters who Iive in Islington - and you could get a free beer for you time!

Calling Arsenal supporters who live in Islington!

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Calling Arsenal fans from Islington.

A French journalist would like to interview you on Friday afternoon for a story, and is happy to buy you a beer for your time.

Thomas Andrei is the UK correspondent for French magazine Society.

He’s writing a feature on the borough and wants to paint a profile of the area through an in-depth article.

You could be in famous company as he’s set to interview Nick Hornby and other prominent Islington people including MP Jeremy Corbyn.

So, if you’re a Gooner that lives in Arsenal’s Borough of Islington and have a few minutes to spare for a quick chat then please contact Thomas on 07835 248591.

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