Let's get loud and show Arsenal solidarity by helping to Save The Tollly - here's how!

Save the Tolly! Support and sign to ensure the future of this popular Arsenal boozer!

Let's get loud and show Arsenal solidarity by helping to Save The Tollly - here's how!

Save The Tolly!

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Every Gooner knows the 'Tolly' - you've either been past it on the way to the Emirates - or, more than likely, you've been in it and had a beer in convivial surroundings.

This popular pub has always offered a warm welcome for Arsenal supporters as a pre-match haunt and a post-match haven.

Where friendships have been made and forged by many, and where the bustling atmosphere is always friendly. 

But, now they need YOUR help to save the pub as their greedy, uncaring landlords show their true colours.

This week has shown the power of a united response to an unworkable and unpopular idea.

Now let's show further solidarity towards the Tolly in their hour of need. 

Read on for the Tolly's statement on the situation and for more on how to save this much-loved boozer.



Save The Tollington Arms

After a year of fighting an unprecedented global pandemic, we are now facing a new fight for survival.

Even though we have been unable to operate for most of the year, our landlords KRNS Properties ltd have demanded we pay more than £128 thousand in rental arrears, ignoring government advice, the legally binding Rental Moratorium and decent human compassion during one of the toughest years in the last century.

On the first of April, they instructed their solicitors, Knights PLC, to demand rental arrears to be paid in full by the first of May, which is an impossibility for us as we simply do not have a business to operate presently. 

We call on the Government urgently to intervene in this ludicrous position we find ourselves in and to take action on these unscrupulous LANDLORDS AND PROPERTY DEVELOPERS.

Without immediate intervention the Government will soon find itself with a massive increase of business closures, unemployment and homelessness. 

We recommend the government, the landlords, the banks and the tenants alike “SHARE THE PAIN” and split the losses  equally.



We need your help. 

Help us by signing this petition and share it across the globe. 

Support. Sign. Save.



The Tolly have issued an update


Today Arsenal discovered the power of the people.

You can’t make a huge decision like that, based on money and not consider how it might effect the wider community. 

The people rose up, Arsenal paid attention and backed down. The will of the people prevailed.

That is what we are hoping will happen with us and our landlords. With enough support, our voice will be heard! 

Over 7,000 signatures now and as the days go by, the louder we get! 

Once again we have to thank you and everyone who has shared the petition! 

Let’s get loud! 




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