Arsenal's ambitions and the importance of the human factor

Arsenal's ambitions and the importance of the human factor

Arsenal's ambitions and the importance of the human factor

Arsenal's ambitions and the importance of the human factor

After having missed out on Champions League qualification by just two points, Arsenal has every intention of starting the new season with a completely different spirit, more combative and focused on the real objectives, which are mainly to get the team back to the top - at least among the top four - and to give the fans some of the enthusiasm that has often been lacking in recent years, due to a sharp drop in the team's performance. The undeclared objective is to become London's top team again, but to achieve this Mikel Arteta's boys will have to prove their superiority on the pitch against Tottenham, who only stole a fourth place in the Champions League from the Gunners in the final days, and above all Chelsea, the third-placed team, who only last year won the Champions League. Thierry Henry's spells, in the league and in the Champions League, are still well imprinted in the collective memory of all Arsenal fans, who dream of experiencing those emotions again in a few years, perhaps even starting next season. But to recreate those magical moments, those indelible memories, you also need the right players, those world-class players who possess the ability to excite the crowds even with a simple and insignificant body movement.

New faces, a new future

The summer market opened a few days ago, and the Gunners, like all other teams, are looking to acquire new players who can strengthen the team in an extremely demanding season, during which - in addition to the league, national and European cups - the World Cup will also be played in Qatar, which for the first time in history will not be played in the summer. All these competitions will necessitate a large squad, in which top-quality reserves can also find space to give the starters a rest. Never before, as in 2022-23, will turnover be of crucial importance for the overall performance of teams. For this reason, too, the various teams will have to ensure that they acquire the services of players capable of replacing those who will play at the World Cup, so as to guarantee themselves an extremely competitive squad at every stage of the season. Even without the World Cup, however, forming a squad with first-class starters and reserves has become almost imperative for all those clubs aiming high, and in particular for all those teams who, by virtue of their strength, will almost certainly be engaged throughout the season in national cups as well.

Tielemans or Milinkovic-Savic?

Arsenal, these days, seem to want to focus decisively on the purchase of one or two midfielders who can revolutionise the rhythms of Arteta's game, making it more fluid and harmonious. After completing the purchase of Fabio Viera, bought from Porto for 34 million pounds, Arsenal have also put in their sights Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, Serbian midfielder of Lazio, and Youri Tielemans, currently with Leicester. Of the two tracks, the most viable would seem to be the one leading to the 25-year-old Foxes midfielder, who costs around a third of Milinkovic-Savic and is also a couple of years younger. For Milinkovic-Savic, the Italians from Lazio have in fact asked for around £70 million, a figure that could prove excessive for the Gunners. Arsenal would also have liked to strengthen their attacking department with another player from Italy, 23-year-old Gianluca Scamacca, but the player - according to the latest rumours - seems to be very close to the French side Paris Saint Germain. Apparently, the Gunners' bid for the Italian striker was only £8.5m lower than the amount proposed by PSG.

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In order to return to the top, Arsenal needs new faces to ignite the public's imagination, giving rise to the bright memories of tomorrow.

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