Arsenal's Gabriel Jesus puts his boots back on after eight weeks of missed action

Arsenal striker Gabriel Jesus shared a snap of him returning to the pitch on social media.

Arsenal's Gabriel Jesus puts his boots back on after eight weeks of missed action

Arsenal's number nine Gabriel Jesus. CREDIT: Simon Stacpoole/OFFSIDE

There’s all the more reason for Arsenal fans to rejoice, as Gabriel Jesus is back in his boots after eight weeks away from action.

The Brazilian forward sustained a serious knee injury during the World Cup bringing our fears to life after an outstanding start to his Arsenal career.

After eight weeks away from any action, Jesus posted a snap to his Instagram of him in boots on grass.

Arsenal’s number nine has been greatly missed, not so much in terms of getting results but his contagious cheerful aura was so infectious at the start of the season.

Jesus was in attendance at the Emirates after Arsenal’s 3-2 win over Manchester United, where footage showed him bursting with joy for his strike competition Eddie Nketiah after his match winning brace.

There’s no doubt that Nketiah has filled the gap up top that Jesus left, and it’ll be interesting to see how Mikel Arteta works the attack when the Brazilian returns.

For now, I think everyone will join us in celebrating our forwards return to action, no matter how light it may be, after such a disappointing blow to take at a pivotal part of his season.


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