Arsenal: We Are Top of the League - And I believe

Sir Henry Norris shares his inimitable brand of Arsenal passion

Arsenal: We Are Top of the League - And I believe

All Good Pals and Jolly Company

It is the optimism that kills you. The belief.  

It is happening.

I believe. 

I’ve enjoyed being top of the league. It’s been a while, in fairness. Then there is the moment of clarity. A time when you realise… we are top of the league. And we deserve it.

We are top of the league. Jesus be praised. Who is moving in mysterious ways in the background. 

Nobody loves us. This isn’t a Leicester… who we did the double on. 

Who needs to spend £88m when we have Saka? (And now Leandro)

Imagine United being forced to scramble for a point and bringing on a Brazilian named Fred? The ultimate wet Wednesday in Stoke name. We are beyond that. 

We are top of the league, and I believe.

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