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Arsenal vs Southampton: The goal that proved Unai Emery had lost the team - REWIND

REWIND December 16, 2020 REWIND: Unai Emery book author LA Lewis recalls the day Arsenal players failed to celebrate a last minute equaliser against Southampton

Last Word: Alan Alger on Arsenal's 1-1 draw wth Southampton

OPINION December 17, 2020 Alan Alger's Last Word: Read his take on Arsenal's 1-1 draw with Southampton

Arsenal: Why Mikel Arteta needs to follow George Graham's example and turn to youth to revive Gunners fortunes

OPINION December 17, 2020 Loyal Gooner Graham Simons explains why Mikel Arteta should follow the example of former Arsenal boss George Graham and turn to youth

Alfie's Angle: Thoughts on Arsenal's 1-1 draw with Southampton

OPINION December 17, 2020 Read the inimitable Alfie Powell as he shares his thoughts on Arsenal's 1-1 draw with Southampton

Sunday Night At The Emirates: Loyal Gooner Jon Blair on his long-awaited trip back to watch his beloved Arsenal - before Tier 3 kicked in

OPINION December 17, 2020 Long-serving Gooner Jon Blair had a ticket for Arsenal vs Southampton before London moved into Tier 3 - here's his take after attending the Burnley game