Gooner Podcast 167 – The start of the Unai Emery era

Recorded on Tuesday evening

Gooner Podcast 167 – The start of the Unai Emery era

Emery: So what’s changed?

Gooner Podcast number 167 is now online.

Recorded: Tuesday 11th September 2018

Topics Include -
Are Arsenal under Unai Emery actually any different?
Would the head coach do better playing three at the back?
Why is Bernd Leno not being played?
How does Grant Xhaka retain his place?
What’s going to happen with Aaron Ramsey?
The Mesut Ozil dilemma.
Singing at the stadium.
The implications of Stan Kroneke taking 100% control of Arsenal.

David Oudot (Twitter @VillageVoice1)
Phil Wall (Twitter@AngryOfN5)
Host: Kevin Whitcher (Twitter@KevinWhitcher01)

There are three ways of hearing it. First up, online without downloading by simply clicking here. Alternatively, if you want to download it to play on your mp3 player or at your leisure on your computer, visit this page and move your cursor over where it says ‘episode 167’ in red text and then…

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We’ll be back with another podcast in October.

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  1. mbg

    Sep 14, 2018, 22:02 #112237

    Is somebody having a laugh and taking the piss with that first topic/question ? (I can't wait to listen to it) I know things have been a kinda slow for a while lads but is someone trying to wind us up again ? that takes the biscuit, first of all he's only been hear five minutes not even into double figures of games yet, how can anyone even tell ? no doubt some think they can and will,(and we know who they are) I can't wait to hear that lol, would wenger have had the read out (gutting) Unai did ? Would he have made as many new signings ? (if any) would he be reading the riot act to the/his little nice boys as much as Unai has been and still is today, would TOF have breathed such fresh air back into the club reviving everyone's interest, confidence, optimism excitement again etc, etc, if he was still here stinking the place out talking his usual gobbledegook and shyte about greet speeritt ? would he fook, you can just imagine what he's have done and what this site would be like.