Early season discussion time

The start of season Gooner Podcast is now online

Early season discussion time

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The Gooner Podcast number 174 is now online

Recorded: Tuesday 13th August 2019

Topics Include -
Thoughts on the opening game against Newcastle.
The return of the Feelgood Factor.
Transfer window reflections.
Was the club right to sell Alex Iwobi?
Will the homegrown players continue getting Premier League starts?
Is there an official club captain?
The #WeCareDoYou statement.
Does the club need a fresh board of directors?
Will Man City and Liverpool be streets ahead again?
How will Arsenal’s rivals for the Champions League spots fare this season.
The new Adidas kits

Phil Wall – Twitter@AngryOfN5
Mike Francis – Twitter@MikeFrancis04
David Oudot – Twitter@DavidOudot
Host: Kevin Whitcher – Twitter@KevinWhitcher01

You can hear it here or visit our podcast page on the website on the website and play it there.

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In theory it should be available on iTunes. Our page on iTunes can be found here, but due to a tech issue, it isn’t there yet, so just bear with us and check back tomorrow.

We’ll be back with another podcast in September

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