How bad does it have to get?

Online Editorial – Arsenal snatch late draw at home to 19th placed Southampton

How bad does it have to get?

Amy Lawrence is an Arsenal-supporting journalist who is loyal to the club, and yet objective, more conservative in her published views than the vast majority of fans that watch the club in the flesh from the stands. And when she writes a piece for The Athletic website in which eight separate times she asks the question that is the title of this editorial – How bad does it have to get? – then you really have to believe that the end for Unai Emery cannot be far away. In the same article, she states that Sir Chips Keswick is considering resigning as the club’s chairman, presumably because the board isn’t having any influence on the Arsenal’s owner over Emery’s position. They have seen the damage that staying loyal to a manager for too long can do. There is also the issue of board members wanting to see David O’Leary become a director being reputedly rebuffed due to Raul Sanllehi’s opposition to such a move.

So with the board seemingly figureheads (and Sanllehi perhaps believing the presence of O’Leary as a director might change that if he has the opportunity to communicate in meetings with Stan Kroenke), it begs the question as to whether the people in charge of the club from day to day (Sanllehi, Vinai Venkatesham and Edu) are keeping Emery in the job, or advising Stan Kroenke that it is time for change, but the owner deciding, presumably for financial reasons, to give the head coach more time. The club line will always be supportive until the axe comes down, so we cannot read too much into that. However, it is genuinely difficult to believe that the Kroenkes are being told that Emery can still deliver the club’s stated ambition – a return to the Champions League. That suggests that Keswick might choose to step down because Kroenke is taking no notice of anyone at the club, at board or executive level, as well as pondering the contribution he and others in the directors box can make going forward, especially if the board is not even going to be renewed with fresh ideas and football expertise.

The latest issue of The Gooner went on sale yesterday, and the cover line, accompanied by a photo of Emery, was “Delaying the Inevitable”. Hopefully, it will be out of date by Thursday evening when Arsenal host Eintracht Frankfurt. The next two home matches, assuming Emery does cling onto his job, will see swathes of empty seats at the Emirates, and not just because the German fans are banned from the first of them. Both on Thursday nights, they will demonstrate how much people have lost interest. If the club want the stadium anywhere near capacity, this will only happen by the appointment of a new head coach (Allegri and Pochettino seems the best current available options) and a renewal of interest in watching Arsenal. Because people have gotten fed up of seeing the same old pantomime football when Emery’s side try to play the ball out from defence.

I honestly would not be surprised if there was an announcement later today that Emery had been given his P45. I think Josh Kroenke was in attendance at yesterday’s match, and perhaps he will deliver the news. It’s difficult to see any justification for Emery to take charge of any more games now. Things are so obviously going backwards and there is no chance of this reversing now. Three home matches against Palace, Wolves and Southampton have produced three points. In that time, the side have lost away at Sheffield United and Leicester. Three points from 15. An Arsenal side competing for the top four should be beating this level of opposition home and away. Southampton are 19th in the table, recently lost a home game 9-0, and at the end of yesterday’s match were distraught because they should have taken three points on the balance of gilt-edged chances they enjoyed. 21 attempts on goal, compared with just 12 from their hosts.

When Arsenal did finally manage to get the ball forward, they did create danger. They could have taken the lead twice at 1-1, with Aubameyang and Pepe unfortunate. The crosses for the two goals from Tierney and Martinelli were exquisite. There’s nothing wrong with the attacking talents of the players, the problem is that most of the game takes place somewhere else than the attacking third. So chances are limited, with the opposition almost invariably enjoying more. History will recall Emeryball as the insistence of playing out from the back as a default option with the players under orders never to play it long. The consequence of this is that opposition teams can press the players deep, knowing they don’t have to cover a long pass. This puts pressure on the defenders and holding midfielders and all too often, Arsenal lose the ball in their own half. Hence the glut of chances. How the Saints failed to score when Sokratis was dispossessed in his own area I have no idea. Additionally defensive basics are not being drilled into the players. Asleep at a quick free kick for the first goal, Tierney not being goal side of his man for the second (and the move should have been stopped by a simple foul from Guendouzi in the build-up).

It was a shambles. So much of Arsenal’s play lacked conviction, determination and common sense. By all means play out from the back sometimes – but do it quickly before the opposition is set. And mix it up with percentage long balls, with players under instruction to fight for the second ball. Arsenal actually did this for a brief spell at the start of the second half, which led to their chances to take the lead. By this stage last season, I think Emery had given up on the insistence of playing it out from the back, this time around, he seems to wish to continue it until his players look like Barcelona. He’ll have a long wait.

I’m running out of things to say here, so I’ll reproduce an email received yesterday evening from ‘Upper Street’ a sometime contributor who regularly communicates their thoughts to me…

Subject: Rotten, from top to bottom
So, Lacazette's 96th-minute equaliser has (temporarily) got Emery out of jail. But it's merely postponed the inevitable.
Outplayed, out-created, at the Emirates by a team that lost 9-0 at home to Leicester a few weeks ago. You couldn't make it up.
I wasn't at all surprised at this afternoon's result. I don't suppose many Arsenal fans were either. That's where we are - a club that's rotten from top to bottom.
A cynical, money-grabbing Yank owner who knows zilch about soccer and cares even less; a management structure that stinks; a board of directors who are about as much use as a bunch of chocolate teapots; and a manager and his Spanish entourage who are totally out of their depth in the Premier League.
At any club with ambition, Emery would have been sacked after the disaster in Baku. But Arsenal have never shown any ambition since Dein left. He was the only one who ever had any vision and ambition for the club's future.
How Emery can stay now is beyond me. But I fear he will.  

Me again – Ambition. Yes, the lack of this at the very top is what kept the head coach in a job after the disappointments at the conclusion of last season. Remember that the owner wasn’t even sufficiently motivated to watch his club in a European final. I wrote after the ignominy of the performance in Baku that I could see no good reason to waste another season as the flaws in Emery’s approach were not going to change. The summer transfer activity gave false hope that things could be better, but ultimately, if you have the wrong man making the match by match football decisions, the quality of the players can only take you so far. Time for this to end. Arsenal need to rebuild, go again, improve and start moving in the right direction. No-one believes anymore that this is going to happen under Emery, not even Stan Kroenke. But the owner has other priorities than the ambition of Arsenal football club. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s hope that finally, six months too late, we see some action later today.

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  1. itsRonagain2

    Nov 26, 2019, 12:16 #115599

    CG- Hi there. Quite agree with you mate. Ive just served the 30 day thing to terminate SKY. Ive done it before but the last straw was last night when i heard Neville proclaim that there 'never been anything in football to compare with the drama of Man Cs goal in 2012 to win the title'. Couple that with the spitting man Carragher, (who must be one of the ugliest, least TV genic blokes on TV) nodding his big thick stupid head in agreement. Ive sort of given up to the extent of about %75 in football though and did so a few years back. Its a passing interest for me now, though im off back to France permanently in mid 2021 and that will be game set and match for me with it altogether.


    Nov 26, 2019, 11:12 #115598

    Hi Ron, "mediocre" footballers usually make better managers/coaches than the so-called superstars don't they? But frankly I am getting to the stage when I might just forget the whole shabby, corrupt industry & just enjoy my retirement with my lovely wife & my dogs! Sky/BT are taking too much of my money for bugger all & when you see Raheem Sterling putting on hold a £450k contract while people are sleeping rough on the streets you realise elite sports have become a total swamp. The old expression "you must be 'aving a laugh" doesn't come near the truth. God, I am becoming a very grumpy old man!

  3. RobG

    Nov 26, 2019, 11:09 #115597

    Just to clarify Kev - I DID read the piece correctly and did get the point that the Dein remark was made to you in an e mail by someone else ; not by you as such and was a quote. You say - " I have mixed views on Dein, and certainly would not exonerate him from blame as far as Stan Kroenke is concerned." - and this is absolutely correct. But the reason Dein 'introduced' Kronke was to get him to take up the @ 10% Granada Shareholding that they - Granada - were looking to sell, because he thought that this would give Arsenal some additional commercial and financial firepower at a time when Roman was 'on our lawn firing £50 notes at us from a tank' as Dein put it. This in turn was the product of Dein's concern that we were losing out on the pitch through a lack of financial clout. Dein - and I don't think anyone else - could not have foreseen how the whole scenario would have played out, subsequently. But Dein's departure meant there was no real conduit between the Board on the one hand and the squad/team on the other. And that gap remained for the rest of Wenger's term and has only really been filled by Raul subsequently. As much as I have real doubts about the Kronkes - and ideally I wouldn't want them here - I could see a scenario where a successor was worse. That isn't very comforting. But the current malaise can and should be addressed by Raul and Edu if they push to do the jobs that Kronke is paying them for, rather than procrastinate.

  4. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 22:57 #115596

    CG. I think it was clear that AW held a high regard for Merter as he did for Arteta. Both have too much of a link with Wenger era for me. Neither with any managerial pedigree. Both seem really nice guys but for me, no. I wdt go through the hassle of change for them 2 or either 1 of them. Just not good enough. It would be the same old soft easy going regime carried forward. I d sooner see it get worse and really force the owner to get the right man in. Mate, i d put fat Sam in before them 2! Arteta s link with Guardiola cuts no ice with me and big Merter can’t even claim to have been a success as an Arsenal player. Neville made a good point earlier. He said Arsenal are gripped by what they’ve seen MU. Fear of a succession of coaches so want Dick to succeed and be given time. It’s not likely he will as he doesn’t have the players. We know that. The club’s recruitment has been shocking for years. Dick s going to get till Summer. I’ve no doubt and Arteta is likely to go there unless Everton best them to him? I hope they do. We need more than a soft spoken gentleman to shake Arsenal from its 15 year torpor. A good set of brooms handed to each person who works there bought from Wilko s would be a good start inc the players and Dick. Send them all round the bowl clearing up the Wengo cobwebs!

  5. markymark

    Nov 25, 2019, 20:46 #115595

    Ah Ron - must admit too quick a scan of the comment . Actually just put me down as slow on the uptake! Apologies etc etc


    Nov 25, 2019, 19:44 #115594

    Back to actual football matters! A rumour was Arteta with beanpole Per M. at his side. It seems they have a big love for each other & it is said that Per is highly regarded within the Club is it not? But actually I would take anyone at the moment as long as Dick buggers off back to Spain.

  7. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 18:08 #115593

    Hi Marky - errrm? Black shirts? Noisy? In a group? Drum? Joking mate. The black shirts, resonates with the 1930s youth movements here and in the Ger. No? Plants inserted by SK to drum up support for him joke. Modern history perhaps not yr thing? Its good to hear of course, albeit rare at the bowl.

  8. markymark

    Nov 25, 2019, 18:03 #115592

    Ron you seem to want it both ways? You often go on that the crowd is listless , insipid , not vocal . Yet get a young group in their and they are plants ? Can’t win can they ?

  9. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 14:32 #115591

    or even 'Wenger youth'!!

  10. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 14:32 #115590

    TN s - They sound like 'plants' . Are you sure they weren't 'Kroenke Youth'?

  11. markymark

    Nov 25, 2019, 13:34 #115589

    Hi Terry Neil’s RW - I believe they got name checked on a recent Le Grove podcast . The key issue is their age (young ) unlike me an Old Git. Very encouraging to hear. In modern bowl stadia I really think you need a starting point group or host as everyone is spread out rather than in the old “Home End” days . Sounds cheesy having a Man on a Mike but at Hertha Berlin the noise was mental as they followed the song prompts and that is in an old Olympic bowl style stadium

  12. TerryNeil´s RW Army

    Nov 25, 2019, 13:07 #115588

    Was at the game on Saturday in the Clock End Family Enclosure with my daughter. Won't comment on the dismal match, enough said already, but we found ourselves surrounded by a very noisy (in a positive way) group of young lads (Cannon Club?). They had a (very loud) drum - goodness knows how they managed to smuggle that into the stadium - which was clearly tolerated by the watching stewards. None of the lads was wearing Arsenal colours, all dressed in dark clothes with a black banner naming themselves as the Arsenal Army. Anyway, it was all good, standing the whole match and they were singing Arsenal songs loudly, accompanied by the drum. It should be noted that there was no racist chanting, not even for Tottenham, so a positive experience which made up for the distant match. Like it used to be on the terraces back in the day. Has anyone else heard of this group?

  13. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 10:27 #115587

    Very true Andy. Few new candidates if the club is actually looking for a top , proven man. I d just say that in the absence of such men. the club needs to think outside of the box a bit ,as we did when we brought GG in. You could well be right when you say that them 2 or 1 of them would go in as interim coaches. The trouble with that is that if they showed only a slight improvement, this owner would take them as permanent as it would save him a packet wouldn't it. Its all he thinks about im sure. He d see it as a short term pacification of the unrest and enable him to kick the can down the road. I honestly think thats how Arsenal are run these days. They make it up as they go along, like Emery and his team does!

  14. itsRonagain2

    Nov 25, 2019, 10:15 #115586

    gooner.ed - good point mate. Sorry. I was aware that the stuff on Dein wasnt from you though while reading yr post and was from the guy who contacted you. My comments on Dein were just made in isolation and i meant no offence to your good self. Apologies again anyway. We do often hear his name touted as if he was the true omni competent messiah that slipped our grasp dont we and my mention of him was based on the counter view of him.

  15. andy1886

    Nov 25, 2019, 9:49 #115585

    One reason for Emery's survival is surely the lack of suitable replacements, even Raul (marketing man like Gazidis), Vinai (accountant) and Josh (daddy's lackey) can see that. Poch isn't coming to Arsenal, no way. Allegri likewise would want a more realistic 'project' and Arteta has zero experience and works with a coach who has had hundreds of millions to play with and still can't coach a defence. When the pressure finally tells it'll be Freddie/Bouldy etc as caretakers while the owner and his businessmen advisers (these are NOT football people) scratch around and hope they get lucky with the next guy. I don't rate their chances.

  16. gooner.ed

    Nov 25, 2019, 8:56 #115584

    It's interesting how people don't always read an article properly before commenting. The prose in praise of David Dein was made in an email to me from Upper Street - which was reproduced to give a flavour of someone else's thinking. That is why I typed "Me again" when it had concluded. I have mixed views on Dein, and certainly would not exonerate him from blame as far as Stan Kroenke is concerned. What I would agree with is that Dein cared more about football rather than financial success for the club whilst he was a director. So on that level, he had greater ambition for the club than those on the board once he had departed. However, the words in the email quoted were not written by me. I didn't mention Dein myself, although the words actually quoted - "Arsenal have never shown any ambition since Dein left. He was the only one who ever had any vision and ambition for the club's future" certainly resonate to a degree, even if they may not be entirely true. What really did for Arsenal was the fallout between Dein and Danny Fiszman while the stadium was being built, over money loaned to Dein by Fiszman when the former was in need. The two never made up, which led to Dein's attempted boardroom coup d'etat in alliance with Kroenke and Lady Nina. Lady Nina stayed loyal to the board (who later stabbed her in the back) and the rest is history. It's like 'A Game of Thrones'.

  17. TonyEvans

    Nov 25, 2019, 7:26 #115583

    I agree with Ron about the likelihood of Arteta replacing Emery because he will be the cheap, won’t rock the boat, option. Queue more of the same rot under him until finally someone on the board has the vision to really see what is required and is prepared to oversee a thorough root and branch job on the club.

  18. itsRonagain2

    Nov 24, 2019, 21:48 #115582

    I hear the counter arguments lads for the owner and nite all that you say about possibly getting a worse one. It’s valid. How ever 2 points. 1. This clown wdt let Wenger go and I still maintain that AW wd still be there now left to Kroenke. 2. This owner appointed Dick. A man who many thought an anti climax and unsuitable at the start. I agree that investment I. Players and wages isn’t the only consideration but we have an owner that’s never there. Has no interest in football and who idly sits back and watches his hapless leutenants fiddle about aimlessly in his absence. If Kroenke s has to stay , it’s not too much to ask that he appoints a capable CE to run the show in the owners absence. Que - Arteta , the next inadequate , gravitas lacking yes man who Mr K will appoint. How many will consider that the action of an owner best left intact?

  19. Sarflunden

    Nov 24, 2019, 20:34 #115581

    In a weird way I feel strangely optimistic. I think we've "bottomed out" with Emery. Things might get worse before they get better. But today was beginning of the end.

  20. Ernie71

    Nov 24, 2019, 19:57 #115580

    Sorry Kevin the reason we are where we are today is all down to David Dein.He brought Stan Kroenke to the club.Stan Kroenke is the reason the club has been so bad the last decade. His failure to sack Wenger years ago when Klopp was available was criminal.Now its his refusal to get rid of Emery.Yes we can get rid of Emery eventually but Kroenke will still be the owner. It needs the fans to start boycotting season tickets next summer to get rid of Kroenke.You wont get rid of Kroenke by filling his pockets every summer And dont worry about David Dein he pocketed £80m by selling his shares.As for Amy Lawrence what about her writing articles about the mismanagement by Kroenke instead of that pygmy on the board Sir Chips

  21. Ernie71

    Nov 24, 2019, 19:57 #115579

    Sorry Kevin the reason we are where we are today is all down to David Dein.He brought Stan Kroenke to the club.Stan Kroenke is the reason the club has been so bad the last decade. His failure to sack Wenger years ago when Klopp was available was criminal.Now its his refusal to get rid of Emery.Yes we can get rid of Emery eventually but Kroenke will still be the owner. It needs the fans to start boycotting season tickets next summer to get rid of Kroenke.You wont get rid of Kroenke by filling his pockets every summer And dont worry about David Dein he pocketed £80m by selling his shares.As for Amy Lawrence what about her writing articles about the mismanagement by Kroenke instead of that pygmy on the board Sir Chips


    Nov 24, 2019, 19:47 #115578

    Apologies to Ron - it was indeed the mighty Peter Hill-Wood who conjured the "we don't want his sort....." line wasn't it. I see we are down to 8th now & I think 10th is a realistic & achievable target for Dick. His post match was even more incomprehensible than ever & made me think of a word I saw on-line re Boris - "Testiculate", which basically means to wave your arms around a bit whilst talking total bollocks. I really am losing total interest in football while my wife is unusually involved in this season - she finds Jurgen quite charismatic & attractive. I wish someone could produce a different sort of league table poll - one which measured hours spent by PL players in car dealer showrooms. I have a feeling our "team" would be right at the top.

  23. Pauljames

    Nov 24, 2019, 19:36 #115577

    I have to agree KC, I think we are barking up the wrong tree blaming the owners for us being 8th in the league with a negative goal difference at the end of November . Sheff Utd , Burnley, Wolves and Leicester did not spend much in the summer and look better teams than us at the moment, so what are their respective boards doing that ours isnt ?Presumably Emery had some say in buying Luiz and Pepe, and they have proved to be bad decisions.We could all see we needed a top class Dm and Cb, why couldn’t he?

  24. KC38

    Nov 24, 2019, 18:49 #115576

    As much as I detest the present owners in a similar way to how much I detested Hill-woods arrogant and dismissive attitude to genuine supporters this debacle is not about ownership, it centres solely on management and coaching. We are being outplayed by very poor teams, the team is poorly set up, the constant change of formation tells the players the manager has no principle or conviction, the defence is not coached and the shambolic man management of the Xhaka debacle proves we have a coach that cannot set up a team and cannot manage a squad of footballers. At the post match interviews Emery's comments are so pathetic I just turn off, imagine the players listening to him I imagine they turn off pretty quickly too, he has lost the dressing room and it’s hardly surprising. This squad and club require a manager with discipline and conviction, a strong character and a proven track record.

  25. Bard

    Nov 24, 2019, 17:29 #115575

    Some great posts. I agree we are in a mess on and off the field. Its also been clear that the club are in decline and have been for a decade or more. I have seen this before in my lifetime as a fan. The difference now is the fans wont tolerate it because of the costs involved and the need for instant gratification. Booing and empty seats isnt good for the brand. . Im sort of with ArsenalMagna, we have a great forward 3, a decent keeper and some good young players. We need a good coach to turn it around. I hate Stan and his mob but who could come in with more money and a better attitude. Even Abramovich is a pauper by todays standards. Dick is finished and will only last as long as it takes the club to sort out an alternative. We look totally lost.

  26. ArsenalMagna

    Nov 24, 2019, 15:25 #115574

    I have to say I take a slightly different tack re: the ownership. Maybe the devil you know is better? What if we get an owner who saddles our club with debt, or invests but only via loans (which could be later called in), or whose money runs low and he decides to stop investing, or even take money from us. I think we could be a top club again even with the Kroenkes at the helm. Firstly, institutions only care about their image and money so threaten them in those spheres and they'll act as we want. The open letter to the owners in the summer triggered a spending spree, so we know that sustained pressure on the ownership that way can yield results. Josh has even hinted at investing his family's money (would have to happen with enough pressure). If we can mobilise the stadium-goers better and start individual boycotts, that's another accountability-ensuring mechanism. You also have to consider that FFP and a number of Premier League financial regulations (see the Football Terrace's Arsenal analysis) restrict how much owners can invest. Another major point is that the financial arms race that is football is outpacing what can be matched even by many billionaires now, with fees and wages for individual players being in the hundreds of millions of pounds. You'll likely never again see a 'zero to hero' rise as happened with Man City, because in real terms even billionaires don't have such wealth. The biggest point however is that there's been shortages of top players for many years now. I have said this for years, especially with regard to the EPL's weakness, and after I had been saying this for some time, Leicester won the league on a shoestring budget. Same with Atletico and Dortmund, and Leicester and Chelsea this season, to name just a few key examples. Proper scouting and coaching are more important than money in today's game - that's where we're falling short. This team of players is actually very good, and you'd be hard pressed to add much better players from the market bar at CB and DM slots (unless Luiz moves to the latter).

  27. markymark

    Nov 24, 2019, 13:03 #115573

    I’ve maybe said this before but it will take a further failed manager beyond Dick for the supporters to turn on Kroenke. At the moment I’d suggest only 1/10 comments across the social media spectrum concentrate on ownership. I’d put that around the same as the WOB movement around 2012/13. We have to remember Liverpool had a series of failed managers prior to the Gillet and Hicks. The asset also wasn’t as attractive a hold then, as Arsenal is now ( TV , Asset value etc ) . So therefore it’s easier to push men out who are financially stressed. I’d be happy with new owners but this could easily be an unpleasant state investment looking to sportswash ( see Saudi interest in UTD ) or potentially Africa’s richest man who will no doubt be knee deep in corruption as well as Oil. New owners simply because to be a billionaire you’re probably a bastard will always be problematic. Arsenal in 1984 had some sort of team , finished 7th , out in the 4th round of the Cup. By 87 we’d run the League cup but most importantly obviously had a good team being created . Simply a matter of the right Manager. To summarise to change owners we need a major crisis , to change Managers May cause a real upturn even with a bad owner

  28. Goonhogday

    Nov 24, 2019, 12:50 #115572

    Couldn’t agree more CG.

  29. mad max

    Nov 24, 2019, 12:05 #115571

    I agree about Kroenke needs to be hounded out but it's raul, Venkat and edu who are keeping dick whittingless in a job, what an embarrassment of a football club we've become. the fact is we're getting worse under this clown of a coach. something needs to be done pronto, why the hell did we leave highbury? there used to be a football club in n.5

  30. itsRonagain2

    Nov 24, 2019, 11:56 #115570

    CG. Yes mate. It’s the owner that’s always been the rightful target yet the fans rarely say it. As the Liv fans hounded our Hicks and Gullit , the same is needed at Arsenal. Only 1 way to do that to a bloke who never goes there and that’s to stop going. No cash for anything. Tickets. Merchandise. The lot. I think it was Hill Wood wasn’t it who said we don’t his sort ? How right that’s turned out to be. Track record of American owners with PL clubs is dire.

  31. mad max

    Nov 24, 2019, 11:38 #115569

    tony adams was right in saying that recruitment has been poor for a long time and that includes dick, the ideal man would have been Brendan rogers but he ain't leaving Leicester any time soon is he, so what are we left with, the only English candidate would be eddie howe, then there's arteta he would have learned a lot from pep, allegri would certainly tighten up the defensive problems, benitez is earning a fortune in china, I think poch will get a big job abroad somewhere. the trouble is the people running this once great club haven't got the guts to do something Emery's position is untenable anybody who thinks otherwise is sadly deluded just listen to his car crash interview yesterday that's if you can understand a word he's saying. Southampton should have won that game by a country mile how sad is that

  32. Reddragon

    Nov 24, 2019, 11:36 #115568

    Have to agree with RobG regarding Dein. The club lost it's way after he left. There is no-one on the board that had his passion for the club. The one thing I regret about Dein is his introduction of Kreonke to the club. A disaster as far as I am concerned. He is totally disinterested in the club bar it's money potential. Yes his son bangs on about how committed they are, but letting this horror show continue week after week is a dereliction of duty. Any other manager/coach whatever you want to call him would have been sacked. Why don't they look at what Rogers has done with Leicester in less than 8 months. Organised defensively, supportive midfield and aggressive in attack, everything we are not. Emery has had well over 18 months and STILL WE DO NOT HAVE A PATTERN OF PLAY. !!!!! It's an absolute shambles from top to bottom. Josh Kroenke, if you read this site ffs do what you are paid for and make the decision to sack this man who is clearly out of his depth in the Premier League. You could also question the capabilities of Raul who pushed for this man to be manager/coach of this great club , otherwise you will be trying to sell a relegated club come next summer. Don't sit on your hands and let this rot continue. In the words of the Nike advert.. JUST DO IT !! Oh and by the way I am not a come day go day supporter but I've been a supporter since 1960 and have seen plenty of poor teams over that period of time but the board always did the right thing for the good of the club, but this manager/coach is an absolute joke.

  33. Nigel

    Nov 24, 2019, 11:04 #115567

    I try not to care these days and we had a good laugh at Arsenal's malaise over a beer after watching my local tier 9 club yesterday, but I still can't keep away from this site. The obvious and glaring lack of any ambition will prevent any top marque manager from taking the role when it becomes available. And I can't see Kroenke paying the level of salary required to attract such a manager either. So any new manager will be 2nd tier with personal ambitions to move upwards. We just have to hope we get lucky.


    Nov 24, 2019, 11:03 #115566

    A fish rots from the head down - yes? We have to forget the public school image of "proper chaps" running our Club. Old Sir Chips & his sort are an irrelevance in today's finance dominated world. It's our bad luck that we have one of the least savoury of that modern phenomena, a BILLIONAIRE, as an owner - the one thing Old Chippy got right was surely that "we don't want his sort here" line. I would be amazed if an Allegri or any ambitious top drawer manager ( including Le Poch even) would come anywhere AFC while we have such a venal& incompetent cabal "in charge". I am sure Ron will rightly correct me for still having hopes that things could change for the better but I would love to see the emergence of a massive KROENKES OUT campaign accompanied by swathes of empty seats at the Emirates. It would be hard for supporters in the short term but worth making every effort for long term gain. Maybe the next billionaire might be an improvement - a nice liberally minded Saudi Prince perhaps?

  35. RobG

    Nov 24, 2019, 10:28 #115565

    Sorry Ron. Have to disagree there. I don't think Kev is saying - or believes - that Dein was, or is a Saint. I don't either. But whilst he was there we had a man in the Board Room and close to the helm of the Club who got up each morning and thought about Arsenal as "a winning team" - Dein's own words. Since he was sacked, we've had plenty of Boardroom politics ; plenty of share price juggling ; plenty of back room manoeuvring ; but little if any of this, has been focused on what the team is or isn't doing. The consequence was that Wenger was left to mark his own homework. And when that failed, we had the Kronke/ Gazedis axis picking Emery. It's always easy to be wise after the event. But you can trace Arsenal's decline from the Dein rupture, not because he was irreplaceable. But because no one has stepped up to replace him, in terms of a lazer like focus on what we are/aren't doing in the Premier League.

  36. Dick Dastardly

    Nov 24, 2019, 10:19 #115564

    Our home form has been bailing us out for too long, and now we can't even beat lesser sides. If things have to get worse before it gets better than so be it.

  37. Bradywasking

    Nov 24, 2019, 9:57 #115563

    Have to agree with all said in this article. I fear that removing Emery however will not be enough..There is a malaise in the club that won't go away by sacking the manager and his entourage.. Arsenal FC are sadly in an irreversible decline. Emery is a symptom of that ,not the cause. He was given the job and it looked for a while that it would work.Time caught up with him as injuries mounted and "his players" lost form. The decline is so bad that Emery cannot see his own repeated failings. This situation is ten years in the making and where as Emery needs to go it will take much more than that.

  38. itsRonagain2

    Nov 24, 2019, 9:54 #115562

    Oh God. Saint Dein. That f——r gets re anointed every time we hit a new low. The c—-t was never any different from anybody else there as shown by his actions before he left and why he left.