Three points at the Cottage as Arsenal impress behind closed doors once again

Former editor Kevin Whitcher’s take on opening Premier League fixture v Fulham from his new blog

Three points at the Cottage as Arsenal impress behind closed doors once again

The away end yesterday – an untypical view. Photo: Offside

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Fulham 0 Arsenal 3
Premier League
Saturday 12th September 12.30pm

Firstly, this is taken from my own blog (see link at the bottom) which I have started because a number of people have expressed the wish to continue reading my musings after Arsenal matches, and I quite enjoyed writing them to reflect on events on the pitch. I’ve handed over The Gooner and its website to Layth Yousif, and truth to tell, my offerings would quickly get swamped here and sink out of view due to the sheer mass of content, given the new editor is far more active online than I ever had the time for. I did hope to start this after the Community Shield victory over Liverpool, but most of my time these days is being spent developing my holistic therapy business, which requires more hours than I’d choose, but which I am enjoying nevertheless. As for the blog itself, I’ll tart up the look of it in time, but for now I just want to get it up and running or it will never happen. So with that, onto the reason we are all here…

Fulham away is traditionally a popular trip with Gooners for a lot of reasons, not least the old-style feel of the stadium evoking memories of simpler, and younger times for many. We await to see if fans will be able to attend any matches in the away section this season, but many will have certainly been sorry that the 2020-21 Craven Cottage visit was a behind closed doors match. Still, if you were able to catch the game without fake crowd noise, it was interesting to hear Mikel Arteta’s constant coaching, in three different languages.

Now, of course, promoted teams should, in theory, be meat and drink for clubs who have serious ambitions of competing at the top end of the table. Last season told the truth of how much Arsenal struggled in that regard. The visits to Aston Villa, Norwich and Sheffield United saw the team take one point from nine. Granted, no game in the Premier League, especially away from home is a formality, but let’s be honest, it was a huge relief to win the opener after only securing four wins out of 19 last time out.

There has, of course, been gradual improvement in Arsenal’s performances, especially in particular matches against big teams after the return from lockdown, although defeats at Brighton, Spurs and Villa did expose inconsistency. The break between the conclusion of last season and the start of this one was so short (and of course, the no fans situation continues) that to me, it really does not feel like a new season at all. And in a sense, Arsenal have picked up where they left off.

The starting selection featured two new faces in the form of Willian and Gabriel. The first eleven that Arteta picked for a competitive game was always going to be interesting, although one thing is for sure about the (no longer head coach but) first team manager – he will rotate. There’s no doubt that performance on the training pitch and carrying out his instructions are the two main factors in selection. And that is good. Reputations count for nothing.

On that level, there is understandable dismay over the departure of Emi Martinez, not even on the bench yesterday. For many it is madness, as he has proved to be a match-winning keeper, in the eyes of many an improvement on Bernd Leno. If one has to go, it should be Leno, although the very fact the club are prepared to let either of two decent keepers depart probably says more about their financial position than anything else. Martinez has two years remaining on his current deal, which I am certain is not seeing him paid big wages. Perhaps negotiating an extension will cost too dear if Arteta does see him as the second choice. Arguably, having two quality goalies in the squad is a luxury Arsenal simply cannot afford at the current time. £20 million will at least cover Mesut Ozil’s wages for his final year…

The legacy of Arsene and Ivan is not behind us quite yet.

So Leno got the nod, with Matt Macey in reserve. With Luiz injured, the back three was Holding, Gabriel and Tierney. The new Brazilian centre back nearly had an ignominious start by leaving a ball for Leno that he really should have controlled and taken out wide and then passed down the line. It nearly presented Fulham with a gift. The home side certainly created chances, with more than one ball flashing across the face of goal, just lacking someone to administer a tap-in. So although the clean sheet was a delight, there is work to do.

Regarding the defence, Bellerin and Maitland-Niles played as wing backs, but in classic Guardiola style, both often went forward with purpose and occupied central positions, Holding and Tierney moving into their wing-back positions. Why keep three defenders back when there is only one man to mark? There was genuine fluidity about Arsenal’s players which was a joy to see and difficult to play against, as Scott Parker’s men discovered. At times Elneny or Xhaka would drop to support the defenders behind them as an insurance. There was a lot of evidence of genuine work on the training ground here. Arsene used to trust the players to work it out for themselves (no problem when you have the likes of Adams and Bergkamp in the team, but what followed got very ugly at times). Unai Emery did a lot of work but ended up confusing everyone. Whatever the current incumbent is doing, it seems to be getting through.

The selection of Elneny was down to a mixture of good performances and fitness. One wonders if he can retain his place once Ceballos is fully fit, as the Spaniard offers more drive to the team. There was a bit of a spat between him and Nketiah during the warm-up, but to this viewer it was evidence of a competitive attitude that might not be the worst thing for the squad. They were all pals post game on social media, and both saw some game time from the bench.

Lacazette and Willian started alongside the captain Aubameyang, and both played well enough to justify their selections. Willian got the assists for all three goals and looks like a very good acquisition. Lacazette was in position to finish off the opening goal, and who cares how scrappy it was. It soothed the nerves and Arsenal never looked back. The club have brought in a corner specialist from what I have been told (and honestly guys, I am getting my Arsenal news from friends on WhatsApp these days, so don’t expect too much from me other than match opinion going forward) – and if he is working on attacking corners, he would have been well pleased with the second goal. A very well placed cross from Willian was met by his compatriot Gabriel who got enough on it to send it across the line. Aubameyang’s goal in the second half was a beauty, the icing on the cake of a solid performance.

We saw committed pressing, excellent shape, some meaningful tackles and good team spirit. At times, when Fulham had the ball in their own half, the hunting in packs was reminiscent of Guardiola’s Barcelona of a decade ago. The team can go a long way with this sort of approach to matches.

Granted, first game of the season, and some stiff tests ahead before the clocks go back at the end of October – specifically the next three away matches. But it was vital to start off with three points and if a home win against West Ham can be secured next weekend, then there is every reason to feel the team are developing consistency as well as general improvement. No-one could be certain Arteta would work out, and although it is still early, people are starting to see something a bit special, his reputation within the game before he left Manchester seeming to be justified. He is working under challenging circumstances, no doubt about that, but he is making the best of it. And more than anything, it feels like genuine hope is returning.
Last season was a car crash on many levels, but one that ended well with a trophy that ensured European qualification. Just at the moment, it feels like an upward curve. Long may that continue.

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  1. Kroenkephobe

    Sep 14, 2020, 16:20 #117119

    I agree with Ron about Ozil. That the club seems in good spirits is despite, not because, they have a colleague picking up north of 15 million quid a year for doing virtually nothing. He's a corrosive presence and an unwanted relic from the days of the utter mismanagement and corruption that plagued us in the late wenger era. Christ only knows what the team and all the other club employees think about it. We all wanted to like him not least because of what he achieved and the reputation he'd built in other teams but for me he comfortably goes down as our worst ever signing. It staggers me that as a formerly successful professional, he seems not to have enough pride to go and prove himself elsewhere. But he has 15 million reasons for not caring about his legacy.

  2. itsRonagain2

    Sep 14, 2020, 14:48 #117118

    Kev - hear you on the financial thing re the keepers. Why Martinez cdt get a game in the years hes been there and the crap keepers who have played is a mystery. Villa are getting a very good keeper. Is Leno better? Its an open question isnt it. I dont know. Not much in it .

  3. itsRonagain2

    Sep 14, 2020, 14:37 #117117

    Hi Kev- They dis what was needed didnt they for sure. As the lads say, theres a seemingly good bond amongst the players and coach and a drive, direction and purpose to the club now. Good to see as its been at least 12 years since we felt that was the case, perhaps longer than that even. Paul - i cant agree re Ozil mate. We need him gone smartish i think. Hes had 7 years of chances. Sits there on his fat contract he in my view cdt care a fig if he plays or not. Lacks any sense of pride as i see him. Perhaps im biased against him. Ill never forget his surrender at Anfield in that 5-1 about 5 years ago, as his hands were on his hips looking daggers at others players on a day when he was the poorest on the field. We need rid. His attitude stinks to hell and his persona doesn't fit the squads ethos now.

  4. Paulward

    Sep 14, 2020, 12:18 #117116

    Good to hear from you Kevin, and I agree with you on Martínez, we will look pretty stupid if Leno gets injured again that’s for sure. In general I am pretty happy with things right now , although we could do with off loading a couple of centre backs and adding a bit more in midfield... let’s see what the rest of the window brings . I don’t think it’s beyond the realms that Mikel could rehabilitate Ozil either, he may aswell try as we lack an alternative no 10.

  5. Kroenkephobe

    Sep 14, 2020, 8:33 #117115

    Kevin, Thanks. Great to know the match reports will continue. None of us is at these games but reading a knowledgeable and trustworthy second opinion is much appreciated. For some reason, I only saw this report today (14/9), but please keep em coming if you can. Cautious optimism - and it'll be that way for a while - is the order if the day. Notably the players looked delighted and the bond between them looked strong (although the Ceballos thing would have been different if the result had been...). We've morphed from being a club that was stuck in a rut to one where the collective mood is on the up and respect from others is returning (if that matters). The antithesis of the cockerel jockeys. There are going to be bumps along the way but we're improving in all sorts of ways.