Victoria Pelova reacts to Arsenal Women’s comeback win over Leicester City

The Dutch midfielder was full of praise for the travelling Arsenal fans

Victoria Pelova reacts to Arsenal Women’s comeback win over Leicester City

Victoria Pelova picked up two assists against Leicester City. Credit- Charlotte Wilson/Offside

After Arsenal Women’s dreamatic 6-2 win against Leicester City, Victoria Pelova reflected on the game.

At half time: “We spoke about having to beat our opponent because they are playing one-to-one. Second half was just better, the runs were better, the turnings were better. We kept the ball more and we were more precise.”

Being more comfortable in the team: “My teammates are amazing. They give me the feeling that I’m home. When I’m playing more I feel more comfortable on the ball. I feel like players are getting to know me as well, I’m getting to know them - like where I want the ball. The connection is growing. I love them all, outside as well as on the pitch.

Missing a good chance at 0-0 in the first half: “I know! That’s why I felt so guilty, I had to play in the second half better.”

Playing with Kyra Cooney-Cross in midfield: “I think she really plays fearless as well. How she did today is her first competition starting and she did it so great. With everything she can do you can see her talent and it’s lovely to play next to her.”

The difference the fans made in the second half: “You hear it every time, it’s like in your head and my favourite song is the Cloe Lacasse! It’s so good, they are actually so amazing. I am telling everyone in my nation if I go back to the squad that our fans are the best, and people are asking ‘Are they coming to every game?’ and I say ‘Yes, they are coming!’ I heard them more than their own fans so it’s actually amazing. The songs are so good as well.”

Why the team is so effective at coming from behind: “I think the fans really actually help. They travel for us to this and you don’t want to disappoint them. You get the feeling that if you are 2-0 behind that we have done it actually very often since I’ve been here. Against Wolfsburg we were behind, Bayern we were behind and we know we can do it, but I would not say that we would score six goals. But we did!”

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